Wednesday, January 20, 2016

He’s Gone But He’s Not Forgotten – Isiah Todd Still Impacting Local HS Recruiting

After speaking with several High School Coaches in the DMV area who are in the midst of competitive seasons; recruiting still remains a very important topic.  Program centerpieces are very few and far in between and the “art” of over recruiting; well that dirty little secret is out, known, and being heavily avoided according to sources.  Speaking on the condition an anonymity a well respected Coach shared with DMV Preps that “…any parent  thinking of sending their child to a well-established program with several other highly talented freshman in their same class will be the first one’s in line seeking to transfer”.  A big statement and one that should be heeded.

One of the centerpieces that are on the minds and lips of several area coaches is Isiah Todd the 6’8 Baltimore Native.  Not only is one of the surest prospects in the area; if you still consider him such; he continues to have one of the highest national ceilings to speak of in the class of 2020.  He is program changing player and one that will undoubtedly attract the interest of other DMV Hoopers should he decided to return to the market for High School.  The fact remains that he is still being actively recruited.  

Currently attending Thomas Henderson Middle School in Virginia Todd continues to make waves due to excellent positioning and marketing; a lost aspect and technique of many top players/parents/coaches in the market who still believe that wins and losses will impact High School Tuition.   
Todd still has the wiry frame that he most certainly will grow into over the course of the next few years; but the development of his perimeter skills and athleticism has already garnered him a scholarship offer to Hampton University as a 8th grader.   This is clearly the first of many, which will included undoubtedly many high majors which will make it tough for HU; but there is something always to be said about being first to the party.

Just turning 14, Todd has already measured out a wing-span beyond 7-feet, and his feet and base clearly indicate that he will be a face up, put it on the floor wing, whose mechanics are solid and producing even more consistent results than this summer.  High School recruitment will be national not just local for the true stud, whose body, size, and skill-set translate to institutions that aren’t accepting 6’5 power-forwards or 6’2 small-forwards – Todd is headed if not immediately but shortly thereafter for a bigtime major powerhouse where he will without question due the the DMV proud.

Todd is young man has all the markers to be an elite player at his wing position. He is quietly becoming natural shot maker and scorer though his nature is to be unselfish and make the right basketball play, we'll watch him closely as his game unfolds. Isiah has the build of a young Justin Jackson and his height already and can get on a roll and knock down jumpers, attack and finish at the rim, and hurt you with reads and cuts quickly if the defense loses his whereabouts. Todd is shooting over smaller defenders like they are invisible – but he certainly isn’t as eyes in this area and the nation remain on one of the players who truly has a shot to play on the highest level of the game.