Saturday, September 3, 2016

Earl Timberlake's Game Got Baking Soda - He Got Baking Soda

Like a box of baking soda Earl Timberlake's game has many uses - at times Earl Timberlake can look like a man among boys; when he is forcing the action with the ball in his hands in space or pick-in-roll situations he virtually unstoppable on every possession. He is easily one of the most versatile players in the 2020 class – some may have a more polished offensive game; but not many affect the game the way Timberlake does.

Earl is a menace in the open court and a very astute passer as well. He is a consistent jump shot away from being mentioned with the very best nationally; but there is little doubt that its not a “If” rather a “When” for the talented dare we say PG!

Earl has very good straight-line speed, and very deceptive lateral quickness – his long stride cover a lot of space quickly. As a scorer he has a variety of ways at his disposal to get the job done and he also possesses that killer instinct, especially on the offensive end.

With height he’s a Lamar Odom type, without added growth think Denzel Washington,  already 6’3/6’4 he is a five category contributor and excellent defender. In the Coach Francis Classic his total package was on display as he pumped in 10-points, dropped 7-dimes, added 5-rebounds, and 2-blocked shots.  

This is one of the area’s and nations most intriguing prospects his tools have superstar qualities to them and he is still young in the game which represents an extremely high ceiling.  It’s mandatory that Timberlake moving forward is in a situation where the ball is in his hands, the development of this aspect of his game could have him playing for a paycheck in the future and cannot be sacrificed for under any circumstances; some may not realize it but the DMV has something very special in its midst and the country will find out very soon if they do not realize already.

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