Friday, February 19, 2016

And Still #1 Zion Harmon dominates the HS Level, Quiets Critics, & Makes National Statement

A lot of ignorant individuals in the past have questioned the viability of certain players; citing the validity of rankings, development, program, coaching style, height, size – one of the biggest victims of this circumstance is local product Zion Harmon.

Harmon who decided to get away from the “noise” and detractors and peruse options outside of the DMV area – as a 7th grader he has been competing on the varsity level this year in Antioch, Tennessee at Lighthouse Christian Academy.  Playing a national schedule against varsity level competition and acclimating early to the rigors of varsity play, Harmon has had to date a truly sensational season averaging 17ppg, 3 assist, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals for a 19-6 squad.

So many questioned the young guards national status, debated his age, and on many occasion reported that his exploits that have turned him into a Youtube Sensation would not translate to the high school level.  Well, all those so call experts can officially leave evaluation and analysis to the professionals as Zion Harmon has clearly made the leap showing the ability to get the job done. Was it ignorance or hate? Who knows but whatever it was there is buffet of words to eat for many in the area – kudos to the player and his family for not allowing anyone or anything to dictate his path to success and development.

So even in the midst of this article, I am sure that someone has already questioned the location, the level of play, the competition (ignorance is often bliss) – Harmon’s average 31ppg in his last three games continuing a recent trend.  So, 31ppg you say is nothing against who?  Well the first of his three game exploit, which was followed by a 27 and 34 point game, was against LaLumiere ranked as high as # 3 in the country this year and known annually as a national powerhouse producing multiple high major college and NBA players each year and Harmon didn’t blink dropping to that point his season high of 33-points only to be broken less than a week later with a 34-point game.

Bottom-line is that many in this area and others with never ever play against a team ranked #3 in the country and/or the caliber of program or players found at LaLumiere and for a 5’5 PG from the DMV who so many said never would  already has….in the 7th grade.  If it can be believed it can be achieved and allowing this to be an example of what hard work and dedication can produce even at a young age at the highest level many eyes should be opened and now many mouths should be shut.  Honor the local product by giving him the respect that he deserve, but if you don’t, it not a problem he will more that surely be willing to come and take it.  The DMV has not rid themselves of the National Phenom; rumor has him returning potentially for HS, maybe them it will be a forgone conclusion that he is more than capable; but likely at that point folks will question his college possibilities…DMV Preps wouldn’t bet against this kid with somebody else money.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Brayon Freeman & Elijah Hawkins – If you didn’t know this is called the Show (EXCLUSIVE MIXTAPE RELEASE)

Players in the class of 2021 are beginning to attract a lot of attention in the DMV market; as high school commitments slowly begin to come in for the class of 2020 - acceptance letters are expected from most in the next 45-days and the focus will quickly move to the next crop of young stars.
Two of the most exciting and talented players in the class are not only housed in the same program but in the same backcourt; the “Lil Genius” Elijah Hawkins and Brayon Freeman are slicing and dicing their way through opponents and folks are starting to take notice.  Their most recent appearance was at the recent Basketball Spotlight Clash for the Cup where they put on a memorable show for all in attendance.
The “Lil Genius” is the definition of a true point guard, Hawkins is quick and intelligent with a pass first mentality yet he can also knock down the open shot with range to the arc working both off the catch or dribble. Hawkins is an excellent ball handler that really likes to attack with the crossover dribble. He pushes that ball in the open court and understands when to slow down and make plays with his basketball IQ. Hawkins feel and court vision makes him an elite passer and is excellent at setting up teammates where they are most successful. He also knows how to run a team and knows all his looks when executing a set play, he is another coach on the floor.
Brayon Freeman who can been classified as an assassin when it comes to shooting the ball has added both the mid-range component and is pressing the paint after putting it on the carpet and is finishing with the best of them  - making him a tremendously hard cover when he utilizes all these aspects of his game.  Freeman is simply a smooth shot maker that plays under control. He reads the defense well when attacking off on ball screens and probes with his penetration waiting to take advantage of defensive miscues. What we really like is his dedication and ability to defend both guard positions on the other end.
In true DMV Preps form we can show you better than we can tell; check out the exclusive "Lil Genius" and Brayon Freeman Mixtape just released!!!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

DMV Stars Dupree/Jackson Shine Bright for USA National Select

A pair of DC Blue Devils’ (G) Rasheed Dupree and (F) Saveon Jackson - have long been considered two of the top players and prospects in the DMV in the class of 2021. The two of them are battled tested, experienced, and highly skilled; this resume recently led to their selection to the USA National Select Team that competed in the Clash For the Cup Basketball Spotlight Event in Neptune, NJ.  The team came up a little short falling in the Semi-Final to a tough United Squad 55-51 but both players proved why they are in the national conversation during their time in New Jersey.

Rasheed Dupree:  Rasheed Dupree plays with great energy at both ends. He attacks the bucket with a vengeance and he can finish through contact. He can penetrate effectively with either hand and he has the strength, tenacity, and feel to score against length. He is quite good in the "drive-and-kick" offensive set as well. Defensively is where he separates himself from his peers. He is a bulldog on the defensive end utilizing his strength and active hands to cause numerous turnovers.

He gets the outlet pass and it's off to the races and would-be defenders are left in the dust. He can slash his way to the rim or knock down the pull-up jump shot. In addition, he advances the ball well in the open court to get his teammates involved early on in transition. In the half court set, he showed a consistent jump shot out to the stripe when he was squared up and on balance.  Dupree may have flied under the radar in the past but it is clearly his time to assert himself as a top lead guard prospect in the DMV and beyond.

  Saveon Jackson:  Jackson is a kid who is athletically gifted. He's long with underrated bounce off the floor. He plays exceptional positional basketball on both ends of the carpet.  He of course has skill too, and can knock down the 17' face-up jumpers. His forte is blocking shots, rebounding and scoring on put backs. He also has good hands on the block and can be counted on like clockwork to make a big play, grab a big rebound, or block when his team needs it the most.  He turns up when the lights get brighter; as exemplified in the seim-final where he grabbed a game high 14-rebound.

Jackson is a long and lean defensive presence who plays extremely hard is unselfish and is an excellent passer from both blocks and the high post – he has a old school knack for making plays for himself or other out of that area. He is active and plays in full attack mode. Jackson is a high motor forward that's defense is currently slightly ahead of his offense but he is very capable to improve his offensive productively and ultimately be one of the most converted type of players a double – double machine, the secret to his success is only him believing it too!

Believe the Hype Jason Murphy is the Real Deal

Jason Murphy went into his freshman year rated as one of the Top 50 prospects in the country, Top 10 in the DMV, and was rated as the #2 center in the DMV.  So far Murphy has stayed true to form and done nothing to diminish those honors bestowed upon him.  In fact Murphey who kept the trend alive of top rated DMV Prep players competing on the varsity level from day one; is not only competing but thriving.  He is being considered the top player as freshman in all of Howard Country where he attends Chapelgate Christian Academy.  

Whereas detractors devalue the middle school ranking system, the trend continues at a 75%+ clip of players noted in said ranking competing on the varsity level and in the case of Murphy and the Top 10 contributing and making an impact.  If that isn't validation enough then the interest he is drawing from JT3 and Georgetown University should be.

When using the word impact, Murphy is without question Top 3 in the area and is vying for DMV Preps Freshman of the year.  At 6’9 his combination of size, length, and bounce is off the charts. He's got a massive, yet still mobile, frame and can go up to catch lobs. He not only runs the floor well for a guy his size but also has relatively good agility, allowing him to patrol the lane at a wide radius with his shot-blocking ability. He's similarly active on the glass and consequently able to rebound out of his area. Offensively, he's a terrific finisher around the rim and starting to show an instinct for passing.  His physical tools are off the charts and are the basis for his tremendous upside. While he needs to continue to develop his muscle and skill, he's the type of guy who is only just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential.

Murphy is no hype; and if see is believing enjoy the show below:

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Keno Lilly: Bigtime Player, Makes Bigtime Plays, In Bigtime Game

In a very competitive field; Team Takeover 2021 cruised to the championship defeating a pesky Bmore United squad 56-48 behind the play on both ends of Keno Lilly.  The natural shooting guard led his team and spaced the floor for his interior players with is knockdown shooting from all over the floor and beyond the three point arch.  

Lilly whose shot has always been mechanically strong is now utilizing the entire court to find scoring zones that he is effective in.  With a laser quick release he only needs a split second and small window to get his shot off.  In the championship Lilly not only scored, he shot a high percentage at one point knocking down back to back trey balls from opposite corners.

Lilly played the championship game as if he was shot out of a cannon. Playing with great energy at both ends Keno showed the ability and savvy to affect the game in multiple ways. In addition to the 3-point shooting he showed solid burst off the dribble and looks to be able to slash into the paint an aspect we look forward to seeing more of in the future. Defensively, his lateral quickness, active hands, and desire should make him a lock-down defender creating a player any coach would want on their roster - a scorer and floor spacer on one end and an active, engaged, defensive presence on the other.  

Too good to be considered a sleeper; Lilly must be watched simply based on the transitional skill set the he possess and performs with at the highest level – every team and every level needs a shooter of his caliber and with his ability to play both ends; someone will be very happy being able to turn to Lilly.