Friday, February 27, 2015

DMV 2022 Player Rankings

1 Jaden Johnson  Maryland's Finest 

2 Knasir "Dug" McDaniel Havoc City

3 Jarace Walker Bmore's Finest 

4 Antonio Hamlin Maryland's Finest 

4 Sammy Scott Team Durant 

5 Andrew Rhuebottom Team Durant 

6 Chris Winborne  Bmore's Finest 

7 Jason Moore Maryland Finest 

8 Devin Dinkins  TBD

9 AJ Johnson Team Glory

10 Farrell Crowell Havoc City

11 Cidney "CJ" Johnson Columbia Ravens 

12 Dylan Williamson TBD

13 Micah Lowery Team Durant 

14 Jalen Franklin Bmore's Finest 

15 Bryce Lindsay TBD

16 Jared Turner  Maryland Finest 

17 Adam Angwofu Severn Elite

18 Jordan Harris  Columbia Ravens 

19 Lafeyette Williams  Havoc City

20 Kyle Pulliam  Maryland Playmakers

21 Kamal Francis  Team Glory

22 Terrel Gaines Jr.  Maryland Finest 

23 Kyle Gaskins Maryland Playmakers

24 TJ Bmore's Finest 

25 Jamar Wilson Bmore Elite

26 Tre Green Columbia Ravens 

27 Dejin Conaway Bmore Elite

28 Demond Gibson  Frederick Running Rebels

29 Jordan Gilbert  Team Team

30 Atiba Gross TBD

DMV Preps: WCAC Champs Gonzaga's Purple Reign

WASHINGTON, DC – The worlds of two programs collided in WCAC Championship game last night at American University’s Bender Arena.  To add to the drama the sold out atmosphere in the gym was coupled with a lobby full of fans who refused to leave in the hopes of gaining entry to one of the best games of the year in the DMV.  

The 2nd Ranked Stags of Dematha (24-7) facing the #7 Purple Eagles of Gonzaga (21-10) had already taken two from their Washington DC counterpart earlier in the year in two very competitive games.  The WCAC Championship game was no different and frankly may have been the best of them all; not just in their match-ups but arguable in all the match-ups in the WCAC this season.

From the onset no one could establish control as both ran solid offense and established defensive patterns that kept the game close; exemplified by the knotted 16-16 score at the end of the 1st quarter.  It was much of the same in the 2nd quarter as the back and forth battle end at the half with Gonzaga up a bucket 31-29.  Not to overlook any aspect of the game as the players performed and the Coaches operated their chess match in unison.  Oddly Dematha spent the entire half-time in the locker-room game planning for the stretch run and didn’t take a single warm-up shot prior to the start of the 3rd.

 The extra chalk talk worked marvelously as the Stags open with an 8-0 run which included some very impressive plays at the rim from 6’7 DJ Harvey.  The run looked like it may be the difference in the game as they used it to put the Eagles into a 13-point deficit halfway through the 3rd.  Relying on the experience of Coach Steve Turner the players all echoed the fact that Turner continued to stress calmness in the midst of this challenging time.

Bryant Crawford (Wake Forest commit) who didn’t dazzle on the stat sheet made many plays to don’t show up in the scorebook to keep his team in the game.  Momentum stopping buckets, assist, and amazing challenges and defensive plays in the paint – setting up for an amazing 4th quarter finish for all in attendance.

Chris Lykes (21-points 5 3-pointers) who led the scorers in the first half was also a major factor in the 2nd half along with freshman guard Prentiss Hubb who contributed 16-points all in the 2nd half.  A remarkable performance for the guard who was a late season call up to the varsity level; like the best player he proved his worth on the court.  He rolled off 9 straight points in a key run that allowed the Eagles to go ahead 53-51 late in the last stanza.

Big-time players and step up in big time games as both teams down the starch went to their horse DJ Harvey (18-points 11-rebounds) and Markell Fultz  (16-points) who was named WCAC Player of Year and should be an example to all youth players took it on their shoulders as the game drew close to an end.  But the Eagles had a “hitter” of their own as Sam Miller who is being recruited currently by the Dayton Flyers – who dropped 19-points in the 4th quarter  and overtime alone; scoring all 7 in the initial OT session.  Millers bucket after Fultz made two clutch free-throws is what got the game to the first OT session, not only were his shots big they were timely.

Lykes and Crawford started the 2nd OT session with bookend 3’s that ultimately proved too much for the Stages to recover from as they went down by as many as 10 point in the 2nd OT.  The difference in this very well-played game may have occurred at the line as the Eagles iced the game from the stripe whereas the Stages shoot just 13-21 missing some crucial game changing one down the stretch especially in the 4th quarter.

Coach Turner who started his time at Gonzaga with a core value of philosophy, providence, and passion along with a goal and dream to see his own kids come through the institution has used this to propel Gonzaga into a position that he has become very familiar with at the DC school – WCAC Champion.  Not always having all of the resources and options as some other schools the 77-68 victory on Thursday was very special and sweet.  The beauty is that this was a special and sweet game to play in for both teams as well as watch for all in attendance even if some never stepped foot in the gym the excitement could be felt throughout the entire facility.  

Congratulations to both teams as the show gets rave reviews. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

DMV Preps Jarace Walker - One of the Finest In the Nation

Another big performance in a big time event by one of the areas up and coming prospects – Jarace Walker continues to impress and move up both the local and national charts as one of the nation’s top players.

On the eve of the release of DMV Preps Top 30 Class of 2022 Players we wanted all of our followers who haven’t seen Walker check out his latest mixtape brought to you by “Take My Talents” out of Houston, Texas.

Find out tomorrow who the #1 players in the class of 2022 is!

Monday, February 23, 2015

DMV 2021 Player Rankings

1 Zion Harmon  Team Durant 

2 Jalen Hall  New World 

3 Darius Johnson Team Takeover

4 Ahmad Harrison Bmore's Finest 

5 Trevor Keels  Team Takeover

6 Christian Moore Bmore's Finest 

7 Saveon Jackson Team Durant 

8 Andre Crawley  Bmore's Finest 

9 Trey Thomas  Team Takeover

10 Jalen Miller  Maryland Playmakers

11 Christain Moore Team Durant 

12 Ariel Goddot  New World 

13 Brayon Freeman New World 

14 Keno Lilly Team Takeover

15 Elijah Hawkins New World 

16 Trey English  Bmore Elite 

17 Barry Evans Team Durant 

18 Rayuan Lane  Bmore's Finest 

19 Jake Koverman  Team Durant 

20 Rodney Rice Jr.  Team Takeover 

21 William Margarities  Maryland Playmakers

22 Sherman Witherspoon Team Durant 

23 Qudaire Pettaway New World 

24 Ty Wilson

25 Julian Reese  Bmore's Finest 

26 Stalin Oaks  Team Durant 

27 Rasheed Dupree  Team Durant 

28 Jamal McCalister Bmore Elite 

29 Chris Kuzemka 

30 Reginald Johsnon Bmore Elite 

31 Willie Rivera 

32 Jalen Curtis  Havoc City 

33 Michael Gray III   Bmore's Finest 

34 Judah Mintz DMV Elite 

35 Cole Mitchell  Maryland Playmakers

36 Diemko Ross  Maryland 3D

37 Nick Marshall  Maryland Playmakers

38 Bryson Baker  HC Elite 

39 Ramerick Daniels  Maryland Cardinals 

40 Darius Tilghman Baltimore Orange 


Thursday, February 19, 2015

DMV 2020 Player Rankings

1 Terrance Williams  Team …… 6'6

2 Jordan Toles Team Durant 6'1

3 Cameron Byers  Team Durant 6'6

4 Ishmael Leggett Team Takeover 5'8

5 Isaiah Todd Team Durant 6'7

6 Hunter Dickinson Team Takeover 6'9

7 Tyler Brelsford Team Durant 5'7

8 Cannin Reynolds  Team Takeover 5'7

9 Corey Barns Severn Elite 5'11

10 Montez McNeil Team Durant 6'4

11 Jeremy Roach  Team Durant 5'9

12 Dimungus Stephens Havoc City 5'9

13 Chuck Harris  023 Feet 5'9

14 Micheal Sumner DC Premier 5'10

15 Isaiah Folks 023 Feet 5'7

16 Jamal  Team Takeover 5'9

17 Zach Blackwell Team Silk 5'9

18 Josiah Hardy 023 Feet 6'2

19 Ryan Conway  Team Durant 5'11

20 "Woody" Newton  DC Premier 6'4

21 Justin Lewis Bmore's Finest 6'3

22 Tejon Ford DC Premier 5'8

23 Josiah Freeman 023 Feet 6'0

24 Kyree Banks  DC Blue Devils 5'2

25 Caleb Bowers  CFA 5'8

26 Javon Peace  6th Man Warriors 5'9

27 Mike Forbes Team Takeover 6'1

28 Will Paige  LBC 5'2

29 Keyshawn Johnson Team Takeover 5'7

30 Jared Cross O23 Feet 5'7

31 Erick Reynolds Havoc City 5'6

32 Demon Clowney Team IZOD 6'4

33 Darius Miles Havoc City 5'8

34 Garrett Johnson 023 Feet  5'6

35 Justin Lykes  NA 5'5

36 Ahmaud Jones  Bmore's Finest 5'8

37 Jousha Paige  Maryland Playmakers 5'8

38 Malcom Dread Team Takeover 5'10

39 Justin Graham South River 5'7

40 Treyvon Todd Players  6'7

41 Damonee Carter Baltmore Elite 5'4

42 Devonta Ayers  Chick-Webb 5'6

43 Wesley Petterson Jr. DC Thunder  5'9

44 Andre Screen DC Thunder  6'1

45 Darryl Preddy NA 5'10