Monday, February 16, 2015

Leggett, Kenney Starring Now

Ishmael Leggett - 5’8, CG 2020

Ishmael Leggett is a very unique talent. Leggett is a skilled combo guard that can play all three perimeter positions. He is a great passer with excellent court vision and is a good decision maker who is probably best suited playing point guard in the future. Possessing a phenomenal skill set  for such a  young guard, there is no one that competes or plays harder than Leggett – he really does a great job using his instincts and anticipation offensively to create space and scoring lanes, and the ability to shoot a high percentage from beyond the 3-point stripe make him one of the toughest covers around.

On the defensive end he is a great on ball defender and plays the passing lanes to come up with steals.
Tough as they come, he is unafraid to attack the paint; he slashes and finishes with an array of great moves and shows great touch and body control. Ishmael is the unquestioned leader for the TTO 2020 group; as he goes so goes the team, and an off day for Leggett doesn’t bode well for the squad. He has proven time and time again that when in a groove he can carry a team for long stretches while serving as a primary scorer, ball-handler, or defender.  Consistently rated on national boards as one of the top prospects, Leggett’s quite demeanor makes him one of the most unassuming youth stars - but a star he is nevertheless and one who will only get better as he progresses to the next level.

Sherif Kenney - 6’5, WG 2019

The unquestioned and undisputed #1 player in the DMV and #4 ranked player nationally, Kenney - who suits up for the powerhouse 2019 DC Premier team – is a problem that a solution has yet to be found for. Kenney possesses the dangerous combination of boxer toughness, world-class athletic ability and a thoroughbred's competitive drive. He brings a certain type of “swag” and confidence to the floor and is able to impose his will on both his teammates and opponents. He is a consistent producer that leads his team in points, rebounds and assists, depending on the need, as he is a five-category contributor and one of the most unselfish stars around.

Sherif is extremely comfortable anywhere on the floor, as he can work as a lead guard/point forward type, play from the wing off pin downs or isolations, and he works both the high post and low post with equal effectiveness and efficiency as a scorer and willing passer.

As a defender, he has the speed and quickness to guard all three perimeter positions as a lockdown stopper and has the strength and power to take on a stretch or low post player.  Has shown the rare ability that only best players in the game possess – he can turn it on and raise his game to another level on demand and carry a game or a team single-handedly if called upon – yet even with this ability he gets just as much joy from seeing his teammate score and succeed as he does doing it himself.

Getting to know the person, Kenney is a unique and special kid who has invested in long hours in the gym honing his skill set. Investing in him as a coach and prospect will undoubtedly pay extremely high dividends immediately at the high school level, as he is varsity ready today as an 8th grader.
One of the best in the game is doing it right here in the DMV for your viewing pleasure – he is worth the price of admission!

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