Monday, February 16, 2015

DMV Preps Player Spotlight - Justin Moore

The DMV continuously produces some of the nation’s top talent at the high school level, and the middle school level is no different.  6'1 Justin Moore from Accokeek, Md. is not only the area’s best class of 2019 combo guard, he is among the best in the country. Moore has been showcasing his skills recently in the NYBL middle school league and proving on a national stage he is one of the best at his age group. The NYBL feature some of the best teams and players nationally, and Moore has more than made an impression, as he's played in only two of the league's four sessions and was still selected to the NYBL All-Star Team.

Moore has the ability to play both backcourt positions and operates with a maturity well beyond his years. His IQ allows him to play at his own pace and to dictate to defenses geared to stop him how he wants to affect the game. He can just as easily hurt opponents by setting up teammates from the perimeter via post feed and dribble drive action where he is as adept at dishing the rock as he is from working off the low block as an post passer. The element of post passing from a guard perspective - often in cases from a true big perspective - is a lost art. Moore operates in this area in a Rob Strickland-type manner; drawing the double team and finding the spot up shooters and/or basket divers and cutters.

What truly separates Moore when added to the aforementioned skill-set is his prowess as a premier scorer. Justin operates effective at all three levels, as a penetrator and finisher he excels at using his body to keep players on his hip on dribble penetration, and can absorb contact while being able to finish with a multitude of fundamentally sound finishing moves. He uses his body, IQ, and handle to create space in the mid-range and offers one of the most refined mid-range game arsenals in this area –even for High School level players – with a solid step-back game, pull up, and floater package. As a 3-point shooter he is solid and scores at a high percentage.  Moore is not a volume scorer, rather one that is extremely efficient in his movements and his scoring selection.  He has already figured out the value of the foul-line and is an excellent shooter there, and he has become an expert at drawing fouls and getting there. When you sit and watch Moore play he doesn’t seem to be hurting you, but at the end of the game he will have dropped 30 of the quietest points you will ever see.

Moore is one of the most sought-after middle school players in the area and deservedly so. A coach’s dream, he is just as committed on defense and in his overall game as he is in the classroom and community.  Justin Moore is an example of what’s right with basketball in the DMV and nationwide.  Keep him on your radar as he will be heard from for years to come. For those looking to compete against the best and other players on this level, Moore will be in attendance at the upcoming Bball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp August 23rd & 24th at the New 24 in District Heights.

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