Thursday, April 7, 2016

UA Next Combine Series Announces Partnership with Nationally renowned Pro Trainer Damin Altizer

Recently media outlets across the country announced the inaugural grassroots program entitled UA Next Combine Series designed to identify and select the preeminent players in the 8th grade class of 2020. 
As announced Under Armour beginning April 30th, 2016 in Washington, DC at St. Johns College High School and continuing in Columbus, OH, Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA and the Bay Area, CA. will evaluate 40-players at each location providing player profiles that will be housed on the UAA website

The aforementioned site is visited frequently by the top colleges and institutions across the country for a multitude of reason including but not limited to statistics, schedules, player information, and upcoming events.  This platform will provide the invited players with maximum exposure as well as the opportunity to play in one of the nation’s premier showcase events; the Elite 24 All-Star Game played on the Pier under the Brooklyn Bridge.  With every player in attendance given the opportunity to compete in front of major shoe representative the possibilities are limitless.   

As part of the identification process players in attendance will put through a series drills, situational stations, and actual game play.  UA Next Combine Series is proud to announce the participation of one of America’s most experienced and nationally renowned trainers Damin Altizer.  Altizer will work directly with each player on the development of their specific skill sets and provide the same level of expertise he has used to train such players as:

I.      Justin Anderson (Dallas Mavericks)
II.     Frank Mason (Kansas University)
III.    Troy Caupain (Cincinnati University)
IV.    Bronco Caboclo (Toronto Raptors)
V.     Mamadi Diakite (University of Virginia)
VI.    Javin DeLauier (Duke University/ESPN #43)
VII.   Christian Watford (Indiana/Indiana Pacers/International Pro)
VIII.  Julius Randall (Los Angles Lakers)
VIIII.  Phil Pressey (Phoenix Suns)
X.    Thon Maker (Future NBA Lottery Pick)
XI.    Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards)

And many more....

Recognized as one of the world’s leading basketball clinicians the partnership with Under Armour and the UA Next Combine Series quickly positions this event as one of the nation’s most complete basketball institutions.  Players will play against the very best, be taught, trained, and coached by the very best, with the sole purpose of becoming the very best players in the world – the journey begins for the first 40-players selected April 30th 2016 in the nation’s Capital.

Check out Damin Altizer below and join us in welcoming him to Under Armour the exclusive UA Next Combine Series

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: DMV UA Next Combine Series For 8th Graders Approaching Sell-Out

The Elite 24 game played annually on the tip of Pier 2, address Brooklyn Bridge Park, jutting like a finger into the East River not a bad place for a basketball game especially on the glistening hardwood court brought in by Under Armour.  In the background you will find the Manhattan skyline and the magnificant presence of the Brooklyn Bridge. Tugboats, water taxis, and the odd old Yankee clipper ship plow the bottle-green surface of the river, under a sky blue sky and a stand full of on-lookers.
This is the location were the country’s best eighth-graders and high school players will be put on display; decked head-to-toe in Under Armour apparel. Before anyone can be indoctrinated and appear on the frontline of basketball exposer or ESPN for that matter; one must survive the gauntlet of players at the regional combine series.
In 2006 UA introduced the event and the country to NBA players: Kevin Love, DeAndre Jordan, Michael Beasley, Kyle Singler (street nickname “Shampoo”), Brandon Jennings (Elite 24 single-game assist record holder), Tyreke Evans, J.J. Hickson, Cole Aldrich (“Cole Play”), Jerryd Bayless (“Pay Up”), and Lance Stephenson. The inaugural game was the focus of the documentary Gunnin’ for That #1 Spot, directed by the late Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys. 
Fourteen of the top 100 high school players in the 2015 ESPN 100 were there, eight of them from the top 20 — including Malik Newman, Stephen Zimmerman, and Jaylen Brown. Four of the top-ranked players in the class of 2016 were there, including Thon Maker, Josh Jackson, Jayson Tatum, and Harry Giles.
With six national locations (Washington DC, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Northern & Southern California) and limited spots for this invite only event; Ohio has SOLD OUT, Georgia already has a waiting list, and with less than 48-hours remaining for registration into the DC Event which will provide each in attendance with a regional specific shoe and apparel package the Under Armour Combine Series continues to attract the best and brightest.  Representatives expect the DC location to be sold out no later than Monday April 11th and have already confirmed participation from some of the nation’s highest rated middle school ballers.
Reports are that some of the players to keep an eye on at the coming event(s):
6’10 (F) Zach Loveday (OH), 6’4 (Wing) CJ Wilcher (PA), 6’8 (F) Andrew King (PA), 6’2 (PG)Quaran McPherson (NY), 6’3 (PG) Okay Djamgouz (Canada), 6’2 (CG) Jordan Toles (MD), 5’9 (PG) Eden Davis, (DE), 6’7 (Wing) Nate Tabor (NY),5’9 (SG)  RJ Davis (NY),6’3 (Wing) James Wilborn (MI),  6’6 (CG) Che Evans (MD), 6’9 (F) Elijah Evert (NJ), 6’7 (Wing) Trey Hall (Conn)
Washington DC registration closes shortly with limited spot remaining for more information visit immediately – NOTE: this is an INVITATION ONLY EVENT – WAIT LISTED PLAYERS WILL BE CONTACTED MONDAY APRIL 11th IF ANY SPOTS REMAIN
Or email:

The 6 Degrees of Purple - Malcom Dread & Myles Stute

Malcom Dread just oozes potential at the wing position. The willowy 3-man runs like a deer, handles the ball like a guard, and is developing catapult-like explosiveness around the basket.   We have noted a very quick 1st step and he has a nice floater as well. He rebounds well inside and outside his area and can lead the break due to his nifty handle and astute court vision. He handed out a number of high-level passes this past weekend in Pennsylvania leading his team with running mate Keno Lilly to a championship where he also showed he can step out and knock down the 3-point shot.

Dread like his big-brother who is starring for the Gonzaga Purple Eagles is developing into one of the elite wing prospects in the country. If he is willing to work on extending his perimeter shooting range, ball skills and decision making his upside is tremendous. WCAC schools, IAC schools, and a host of others are monitoring his progress.

Myles Stute starred for Minneapolis Fab before dropping anchor in the DMV; Stute immediately showed his tremendous and diverse skill-set while standing a versatile 6’5.  Stute is a combination forward that runs the floor and can finish well around the rim.

He is an exceptionally good scorer that can hit the open jumper well beyond the strip by spotting up or when he receives kick outs created by dribble penetration – without question he must be considered one of the best shooter in the class in the area. Stute has also shown the ability to hitting the mid- range shots mostly off the catch but we have seen him work off the deck as well. He clearly  has three point range and gets his share of area rebounds. He creates some match-up problems because he can stretch the defense with his shot making ability especially when he has a size advantage or when playing the power forward position.
Overall this combination forward has good upside. Myles proved that he can also serve as a good pressure free ball handler and rebounds well in his area. We like that he communicates, plays with good energy, effort and competes each possession.  Since he is new to the area, we are such any institution would be interested in his services but he is already spoken for – as Stute will be suiting up for the Gonzaga Purple Eagles in Washington, DC.

DMV 2021 Hot Recruits – Top Under the Radar Players

Jake Koverman is long, broad, has terrific feet, and high-level timing as well as one of the highest IQ’s we have seen for a middle school player. His game is skill-based but considering the improvements we have seen in his athleticism and quickness his ceiling is immense.   A player who can guard multiple positions with his improved lateral movement he has always excelled as a shot-blocker and is a big contributor on both glasses.

He runs the floor like a deer with the frontline speed improving each time we see him, his timing is impeccable around the rim when it comes to getting his shot off where he uses an assortment of moves/fakes including a very nice step-back combination. He has good hands and he can finish in transition he has improved his release timing and release point on his jump shot which he can shot out the arch. He plays with great energy, doesn’t mind playing through contact, and may the Rodney Dangerfield in the DMV area.  There are simply not that many players with transferable size and skill-set within the class of 2021 right now – Koverman is one that has it and is quietly becoming one of the most asked about rising 2021’s in the area by those that know what they are looking for and at.

Detwan Montague standing 6’6/6’7 with great length is considered by many to be the prospect with the most upside on a solid 2021 Team Thrill squad and one of the most intriguing players in the DMV; at this juncture is a dominant shot-blocker with all the tools necessary to be a true rim protector for years to come. He's quick off his feet with his first and second jumps, has an innate sense of timing without fouling, and the ability to get up to the top of the box.
He's equally quick rotating back to the rim, which allows him to patrol wide radius's and still erase mistakes. Offensively, he is a work in progress and is still very raw and is almost exclusively getting his own off the offensive glass.   As his hands improve he has shown flashes of being an exceptional finisher around the basket with the ability to chase down the lob.  He's capable of changing ends extremely well and also has a lot of upside in pick and roll because of his quickness and explosiveness.  Montague is the type of kid who doesn't need many touches or points to impact a game, but for his development long term it would be wise to maximize his gifts.
Detwan plays on a guard dominate team where is touches are limited, realizing his long-term developmental value will be essential for this growth trajectory to be maximized.  Has the physical tools, dexterity, size to be considered one of the best prospect in the area as long as he is a focal point of given the opportunity to mature into the player we believe he can be.
High School coaches looking for a point guard in the 2021 class look no further than Md. Playmakers lead guard Jalen Miller, underrated quickness, deceptive athleticism, and high IQ are just some of the attributes that define the budding star.   He possesses a strong frame with solid length and quick hands.
He has a great burst in the open court and he knows when to pull it back to monitor the defense. He gets to the rim due to his elite ability to use angles, make reads, along with his exceptional strength. In addition, he has the vision to locate teammates for easy buckets. He keeps his handle low and tight and is difficult to keep contained while penetrating.
Miller is a blur with the ball in his hands and his ability to create tempo is virtually unmatched in the field of PGs. He is in the discussion be the best pure point not only in the DMV but also be in the national discussion. He is great at dribble penetrating and finding open teammates for great shots. Miller will be a major recruit for all area high schools if only for his IQ, physical tools, and his ability to make his teammates better.  If he were a little more selfish he frankly could control the game from a scoring perspective too and this is something he at some point must figure out – but his “make the right play attitude” is a “bad habit” no coach will mind breaking.