Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Che Evans Beware of the Body Catchers

The high flyer from Baltimore caught a body over the weekend at the Future 150 “Summit” in Houston, TX punishing both the defender and the rim. Stay tuned for more of Evans you will find him this fall suiting up for Delany High School and at the Coach Francis Classic August 26th.  Enjoy the footage courtesy Gymratesinsiders!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Around the Town: Big Week/Weekend for the DMVs Top Prospects

Zion Harmon at Missouri University

Zion Harmon (2021) receives offer for Missouri after this weekend’s visit which followed his recent visit to Tennessee University 

Justin Lewis (2020) picks up an offer from Chris Mullin and St. Johns University last week to go along with his previous offer to Georgia Tech.

Jake Koverman repped the DMV @ NEO Showcase
Jake Koverman (2021) is selected to the NEO Elite 2021 Top 20 All-Star Game

Cameron Byers (2020) wins the NEO Elite 2020 All-Star Game MVP 

Che Evans in H-Town repping the DMV with the big boys

Che Evans (2020) Attends the High School Level Future 150 Summit in Houston, TX making the Top 20 All-Star Game as an 8th grader 

Ryan Conway racking up the hardware @ NEO Showcase

Ryan Conway (2021) is wins the NEO Elite 2021 All-Star Game MVP

Kamal Francis (2022) named Top 5 Player at the John Lucas Future of the Game (East) Camp

Antoino Hamlin (2022) Has huge weekend on West Coast suiting up with the I10 Celtics
Jordan Toles 2020: SEE BELOW

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Jordan Toles - No Words or No Caption Needed Weekend Video Compilation

Lights, Camera, Action at the NEO Elite Showcase in Ohio

Wes Peterson Jr. Prepares for Life Under the National Microscope – DMV Preps Says He’s Ready

Information nationwide is flooding in with respect to the 2016 group of reclassified players in multiple grades.  The extra year has benefited players across the country creating opportunities at the High School level, impacted the national rankings significantly all the way to through high school, and allowed certain players to share in experiences that many otherwise would not have had an chance to participate in. 

Wes Peterson Jr. fits this mold announcing his reclassification to the class of the 2021; the 6’2 Guard who will be attending Immanuel Christian had a breakout season in the UA Proving Ground league where he averaged 18ppg.  Along with his physical maturation Peterson’s confidence has grown which means trouble for his new classmates moving forward.

His inclusion in the class of 2021 will also impact the national landscape placing him not only in the conversation as one of the top players in the country but has paid immediate dividends with Peterson's name being added the upcoming 2016 Middle School All-American Game roster; the event is to be held in Washington, DC at St. John College High School on August 26th.  High School Coaches can place Peterson’s name at the top of their boards for next year’s 8th graders and the country can begin to expect more of the footage we have obtained below as he ascends the national rankings.   

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Big Dog is off the Leash Terrance Williams out West Catching Bodies

Those who reside in the DMV have grown to watch 2020 Gonzaga bound Terrance Williams grow and develop over the course of many years.  Many have questioned over the course of time Williams ability to transition to the wing position; some even openly doubted.

Locally forced to play more of a back to the basket high/low post style the substance in Williams game and his hard work and continued development has been lost somewhat nationally.  His team has performed as one of the best in the country but we have not seen the prolific play that propelled him to the top of the national rankings in his class.

Until now; in similar fashion as his appearance last season with the legendary “Terror Squad” Williams went Bi-Coastal suiting up and for the West Coast All-Stars which finally let the world see what Williams has been spending hours in the gym creating.  He unleashed with a fury unknown to mankind, taking bodies, catching bodies, and returning to the form that the DMV and world has wanted to see for a very long time – call him “Prego” ‘cause dammit it’s in there!
There is fine line between creating success for someone else and doing so for oneself – this past weekend Williams "did him" (which every KID should have the right to do) at the highest level; we dare someone to watch the clips below and say differently.  


A video posted by @takemytalent on

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Middle School All-American Game Returns to the Nation’s Capital Boasting Talent from Coast to Coast

The Middle School All-American Game returns to the nation’s capital and again will play host to the very best players in America. The schedule for the country’s most exclusive Middle School All-Star game as well as the area’s top rising freshman game, the Coach Francis Classic will be held on August 26, 2016.  Game times and schedule will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Head Coaches will be revealed in the coming weeks; but the staff again will boast some of the very best in the DMV just like those who stalked the sidelines last year!

Commitments for this year’s game include names such as:

Trey Patterson, 6’9, 2021, New Jersey
Bryce Griggs, 5’9, 2022, Texas
Ryan Conway, 6’0, 2021, Maryland
Keon Henderson, 5'9, Michigan
Jaden Bradley, 6’2, 2022, North Carolina
Paris Dawson, 6’1, 2021, Arizona
Quinn Clark, 6’3, 2022, Virginia
Jarace Walker, 6’2, 2022, Pennsylvania
Cameron Gillus, 2023, Virginia
Skyy Clark, 5’11, 2022, California
Jahkary Townes, 2023, Michigan
Antonio Hamlin, 2022, Maryland
Evan Young, 5’7, 2022, Utah
Jaden Johnson, 5’7, 2022, Maryland
Dee Morton, 6’2, 2021, Georgia

As voting continues there are multiple players from the DMV in contention for spots! Review the voting process now at www.p2bball.com  

Player Nominations can be sent to: msagpromotions@gmail.com
The rosters for the Coach Francis Classic Rising Freshman Game will be made available in August.

MSAG 2020 

MSAG 2021

MSAG 2022

DMV’s Best & Brightest Make High School Selections - CLASS OF 2020

Each year it brings DMV Preps great joy to watch area player and parents go through the recruiting process and enjoy the proverbial fruits of their labor by realizing and accepting an invitation to the high of their choice.  Again this year the elite level player has by a large majority selected to attend private institutions with the WCAC and MIAA being the biggest winners.

As we say every year; it’s imperative and provides proper respect and perspective, that success is not only defined on the basketball court but also in the classroom, the programs listed below denote not only high athletics standards, but also academics prowess.  These players were not only selected for their basketball ability but had to go through a battery of test and review that included a review of their academic history and transcripts.  For younger players who dream of playing at some of the institutions listed below; remember that academics always come first.

We celebrate this “middle ground” for many as the ultimate goal is still to be rendered and that is obtaining a free education at the college level.  Whereas this is a tremendous mile stone that we all must pause for and congratulate - the road only get tougher the work harder.  All players must stay in the gym as the game and level of play will continue to become more challenging.     

Many players will develop at the high school level that are not listed below and the inclusion or non-inclusion does not have any guarantee on future success or failure.  In the end all players are winners simply for playing the game.

We annually would like to take the time to indulge those who begrudge player ranking and analysis and once again point to our documented track record.  Using the freshman class of 2018 of the Top 30 players ranked over 70% played and competed on the varsity level as freshmen.  Conversely in the class of 2019 of the Top 30 players ranked 73.3% played and competed on varsity as freshman – again eclipsing the 70% threshold.  Our consistency is a proven commodity in the DMV and we look to forward to continuing to provide high level analysis that have tangible results.  
On behalf of DMV Preps our entire staff wishes to congratulate and wish the best to the entire 8th grade class of 2020 – remembering always that it is never where you start but always where you finish.  Top players keep working and those wishing to reach the top keep working; your biggest dreams will always be within your grasp! 

WCAC Chuck Harris (SG) 5'11 Gonzaga High School  
IAC Cannin Reynolds (PG) 5'6 Landon School
MAGNET Che Evans (CG) 6'6 Dulaney High School
MAPL Stephen Dorsey (WF) 6'5 The Hill School
BCL Caleb Bowers (SG) 5'10 Bishop Maria Gorretti 
IAC Jamal Barnes (WF) 6'3 St Stephens/St. Agnes 
WCAC Terrance Williams (PF) 6'6 Gonzaga High School
PUBLIC Isaiah Todd (WF) 6'9 John Marshall High School
WCAC Carlos Hubb (PG) 5'6 Gonzaga High School
WCAC Hunter Dickinson ( C )  6'10 Dematha 
MIAA Cameron Byers (F) 6'6 St Frances High School 
WCAC Jeremy Roach (PG) 6'0 Paul VI 
MIAA Jordan Toles (SG)  6'0 St Frances High School 
MIAA Montez McNeil (C) 6'5 Calvert Hall
WCAC Dimingus Stevens (WF) 6'3 Bishop O'Connell 
Beltway Earl Timberlake (WF) 6'4 Clinton Christian School 
MIAA Justin Lewis (PF) 6'6 Calvert Hall
WCAC Paul Smith (F)  6'7 Dematha 
WCAC Jamal Banks (CG) 6'4 Bishop O'Connell 
MIAA Tyler Brelsford (PG) 5'9 Mt. St. Joseph
MIAA Josiah Freeman (SG) 6'2 Paul VI 
MAGNET Rahiem Ali, Jr. (PG) 5'9 Poly Techicial 
WCAC Kenny Womack (PG) 5'8 McNamara High School
WCAC Demon Clowney (WF) 6'5 St. Johns College High School
WCAC Keyshawn Johnson (PG) 5'10 Paul VI 
WCAC Micheal Sumner (CG)  5'10 St. Mary's Ryken 
WCAC Ishmael Leggett (SG) 5'9 St. Johns College High School
WCAC Josiah Hardy (WF) 6'3 Gonzaga High School
WCAC Austin Allison (SG)  6'3 St. Johns College High School
WCAC Treyvon Todd ( C )  6'8 Bishop O'Connell 
WCAC Will Paige (PG) 5'6 Paul VI