Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DMV’s Best & Brightest Make High School Selections - CLASS OF 2020

Each year it brings DMV Preps great joy to watch area player and parents go through the recruiting process and enjoy the proverbial fruits of their labor by realizing and accepting an invitation to the high of their choice.  Again this year the elite level player has by a large majority selected to attend private institutions with the WCAC and MIAA being the biggest winners.

As we say every year; it’s imperative and provides proper respect and perspective, that success is not only defined on the basketball court but also in the classroom, the programs listed below denote not only high athletics standards, but also academics prowess.  These players were not only selected for their basketball ability but had to go through a battery of test and review that included a review of their academic history and transcripts.  For younger players who dream of playing at some of the institutions listed below; remember that academics always come first.

We celebrate this “middle ground” for many as the ultimate goal is still to be rendered and that is obtaining a free education at the college level.  Whereas this is a tremendous mile stone that we all must pause for and congratulate - the road only get tougher the work harder.  All players must stay in the gym as the game and level of play will continue to become more challenging.     

Many players will develop at the high school level that are not listed below and the inclusion or non-inclusion does not have any guarantee on future success or failure.  In the end all players are winners simply for playing the game.

We annually would like to take the time to indulge those who begrudge player ranking and analysis and once again point to our documented track record.  Using the freshman class of 2018 of the Top 30 players ranked over 70% played and competed on the varsity level as freshmen.  Conversely in the class of 2019 of the Top 30 players ranked 73.3% played and competed on varsity as freshman – again eclipsing the 70% threshold.  Our consistency is a proven commodity in the DMV and we look to forward to continuing to provide high level analysis that have tangible results.  
On behalf of DMV Preps our entire staff wishes to congratulate and wish the best to the entire 8th grade class of 2020 – remembering always that it is never where you start but always where you finish.  Top players keep working and those wishing to reach the top keep working; your biggest dreams will always be within your grasp! 

WCAC Chuck Harris (SG) 5'11 Gonzaga High School  
IAC Cannin Reynolds (PG) 5'6 Landon School
MAGNET Che Evans (CG) 6'6 Dulaney High School
MAPL Stephen Dorsey (WF) 6'5 The Hill School
BCL Caleb Bowers (SG) 5'10 Bishop Maria Gorretti 
IAC Jamal Barnes (WF) 6'3 St Stephens/St. Agnes 
WCAC Terrance Williams (PF) 6'6 Gonzaga High School
PUBLIC Isaiah Todd (WF) 6'9 John Marshall High School
WCAC Carlos Hubb (PG) 5'6 Gonzaga High School
WCAC Hunter Dickinson ( C )  6'10 Dematha 
MIAA Cameron Byers (F) 6'6 St Frances High School 
WCAC Jeremy Roach (PG) 6'0 Paul VI 
MIAA Jordan Toles (SG)  6'0 St Frances High School 
MIAA Montez McNeil (C) 6'5 Calvert Hall
WCAC Dimingus Stevens (WF) 6'3 Bishop O'Connell 
Beltway Earl Timberlake (WF) 6'4 Clinton Christian School 
MIAA Justin Lewis (PF) 6'6 Calvert Hall
WCAC Paul Smith (F)  6'7 Dematha 
WCAC Jamal Banks (CG) 6'4 Bishop O'Connell 
MIAA Tyler Brelsford (PG) 5'9 Mt. St. Joseph
MIAA Josiah Freeman (SG) 6'2 Paul VI 
MAGNET Rahiem Ali, Jr. (PG) 5'9 Poly Techicial 
WCAC Kenny Womack (PG) 5'8 McNamara High School
WCAC Demon Clowney (WF) 6'5 St. Johns College High School
WCAC Keyshawn Johnson (PG) 5'10 Paul VI 
WCAC Micheal Sumner (CG)  5'10 St. Mary's Ryken 
WCAC Ishmael Leggett (SG) 5'9 St. Johns College High School
WCAC Josiah Hardy (WF) 6'3 Gonzaga High School
WCAC Austin Allison (SG)  6'3 St. Johns College High School
WCAC Treyvon Todd ( C )  6'8 Bishop O'Connell 
WCAC Will Paige (PG) 5'6 Paul VI 

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