Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Big Dog is off the Leash Terrance Williams out West Catching Bodies

Those who reside in the DMV have grown to watch 2020 Gonzaga bound Terrance Williams grow and develop over the course of many years.  Many have questioned over the course of time Williams ability to transition to the wing position; some even openly doubted.

Locally forced to play more of a back to the basket high/low post style the substance in Williams game and his hard work and continued development has been lost somewhat nationally.  His team has performed as one of the best in the country but we have not seen the prolific play that propelled him to the top of the national rankings in his class.

Until now; in similar fashion as his appearance last season with the legendary “Terror Squad” Williams went Bi-Coastal suiting up and for the West Coast All-Stars which finally let the world see what Williams has been spending hours in the gym creating.  He unleashed with a fury unknown to mankind, taking bodies, catching bodies, and returning to the form that the DMV and world has wanted to see for a very long time – call him “Prego” ‘cause dammit it’s in there!
There is fine line between creating success for someone else and doing so for oneself – this past weekend Williams "did him" (which every KID should have the right to do) at the highest level; we dare someone to watch the clips below and say differently.  


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