Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Star Carlos Alexander has a Furious Style

Middle School All-American and Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp All Camp team member Carlos Alexander plays the game angry with a passion that his success is as important as breathing; has separated himself and scouts left the weekend making statements that do not see anyone like him in the class of 2022.  What makes him that singular player, is that he is defying positional norms and conventions. 

With a chance to compete against the very best players in the country he peers referred to him a as a ‘certified killer. Beast’

 Alexander has the "killer" and "warrior" mentality, and approaches and plays every possession on both ends like it’s his very last. He has excellent speed and quickness to go along with court vision. He is a shoot first, pass second lead guard but puts so much pressure on the defense and plays at such a fast pace the volume of his playmaking actually increased opportunities for teammates.  

A strong personality with great talent and skill – jumper range beyond the arch who does it off the bounce; a stallion who once tamed and adjusted to half-court play; as his transition play is where he is best and excels the most, look for him impact the game every time down the court with the ball in his hands and just by his presence on the court. Being developed to be a bigger version of Baltimore legend the “Crime Stopper” Aquille Carr; though not as athletic as of yet, you can see similarities.  

This player has a real chance talent wise to be special, one of best is a long line of talented players to come out of Charm City; the development of the game between the ears for an Iverson styled lead guard  ie. IQ, spacing, keeping teammates happy, knowing when to go, when to use clock, picking high percentage spots and plays, knowing when to take over and when to milk a mismatch somewhere else are the type of things that will ultimately determine how high his trajectory takes him as he proved this weekend against the very best out there that he has the pure basketball skill and talent to play with anyone.  Carlos Alexander needs to be on every radar nationally as he is right on the cusp of being able to dominate night in and night out; hands down a very special talent that put on a show all weekend long.

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