Friday, September 25, 2015

Samartine "Fatman" Bogues Generation Next

“Fatman” one of the few lead guards in the youth game that looks to set-up teammates first, then shoot. Bogues decision-making is bordering on flawless nowadays and his assist to turnover ratio is becoming stuff of legends. He is at his best in the open court, either delivering a nifty pass, finishing in the paint, and has no added a very solid mid-range pull-up. 

He already had a deadly crossover which is getting even craftier, which leaves would-be defenders chasing him down. His catch and shoot as well as his jump shot off the bounce is improving each time we see him and is 100% better mechanically and percentage wise than last year. As he continues to get stronger, look for his outside shot to become more consistent from distance – see how complete a player “Fatman” has become (below) as he showcased his talents at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp and Buckeye Prep Showcase.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


1 Shariff Kenney (CG)  6'5 Bishop O'Connell  DC Thunder 
2 Justin Moore (PG) 6'2 Dematha  Team Takeover
3 Mahki Mitchell (WF)  6'9 Bishop McNamara  DC Premier 
4 Karim Coulibly (PF) 6'9 St. Vincent Pallotti New World 
5 Mahkel Mitchell (PF) 6'9 Bishop McNamara  DC Premier 
6 Marvin Price (WF) 6'4 Dematha  DC Premier 
7 Qudus Abolaji ( C ) 6'11 Virginia Academy Uncommon Bulls 
8 Anthony Harris (PG) 6'2 Paul the VI Team Takeover
9 Will Thomas (WG) 6'4 Mt. Carmel  Team Melo 
10 EJ Jarvis (PF) 6'8 Maret MD Playmakers 
11 Jason Murphy ( C ) 6'9 Chapelgate Christian  Team Melo 
12 James Bishop (PG) 6'1 Mt. St. Joe Bmore Finest 
13 Armando Bascot (PF) 6'7 Trinity Episcopal Team Takeover
14 Makhi Long (SG) 6'5 St. Mary's Rykan  Team Melo 
15 Jay Heath (SG) 6'2 Bishop O'Connell  DC Thunder 
16 Christian DePollar (SG) 6'4 St. Stephens St. Agnus DC Premier 
17 Jalen Abbott (WF) 6'6 St. Johns College/HS TBD 
18 Anwar Gill (WG) 6'4 Gonzaga DC Thunder 
19 Gerard Mungo (CG) 6'0 St. Frances  Bmore Finest 
20 Malik Anderson (PG) 6'0 St. Mary's Rykan  TBD 
21 Casey Morsell (PG) 6'2 St. Johns College/HS DC Premier 
22 CJ Amsellem (PF) 6'7 Bullis Prep  MD Playmakers 
23 Logan Curtis (SG) 6'3 Calvert Hall Bmore Finest 
24 Evan Buckley (PG) 6'1 Stone Bridge  DC Premier 
25 Johnathan McGriff (PG)  5'9 Bishop McNamara  Boo Williams 
26 Jordan Hairston (PG)  5'9 Bishop O'Connell  Team Melo 
27 Albert Jackson (WG) 6'4 Mt. St. Joe MD Playmakers 
28 Armoni Walker (PF) 6'7 Calvert Hall Maryland 3D
29 Josh Watts (WF) 6'4 Gonzaga Team Takeover
30 Cartsen Kogelnik (WF) 6'5 Dematha  Team Takeover
31 Mariel Mading (PG) 6'4 St. Anthony (NY) TBD 
32 Tyrese Jenkins (F) 6'6 St. Benidictine Team Loaded (VA) 
33 BJ Joyner (PF) 6'4 Bishop McNamara  Team Takeover
34 Jamel Melvin ( C ) 6'10 Dematha  Team Melo 
35 Jamir Young (PG) 5'11 St. Mary's Rykan  Team Takeover
36 Heru Bligin (PG) 5'11 St. Andrews Team Takeover
37 Jason Gibson (PG) 5'10 Sidwell Friends  MD Playmakers 
38 Cole Matthiesen (PF) 6'4 St. Albans  MD Playmakers 
39 Garrett Kirkland (PG) 5'10 Good Counsel  TBD 
40 Seigfried  Reid (PF) 6'5 St. Paul Baltimore Orange 
41 Chris Margarites (SG) 6'2 Good Counsel  MD Playmakers 
42 Nate Lemons ( C ) 6'7 Ballou (DC) Team Melo 
43 Jordan Miller (CG) 6'1 Good Counsel  MD Playmakers 
44 Jaylen Alston (PG) 6'3 Riverdale Baptist  TBD 
45 Bobby Carson (WF) 6'4 Dematha  Team Melo 
46 Kevin Ayissi-Etoh (F) 6'3 Wooten High School MD Playmakers 
47 Joquan Johnson (SG) 6'3 T.C. Williams  TBD 
48 Deseasn Jones (PG) 5'8 Patterson High School Baltimore Elite 
49 Xavier Johnson (PG) 5'7 Episcopal  TBD 
50 Jaylen Wiggins (PG) 5'8 Dulany High School  Team Melo 
51 Justice Ellison (PG) 5'7 Bishop O'Connell DC Blue Devils 
52 Ethan Lynch (PG) 5'11 Bishop Ireton Team Takeover
53 Ryan Marshall (PF) 6'3 Mt. St. Joe MD Playmakers 
54 Deandre Williams (C ) 6'6 Concordia Prep Team Dedication 
55 Chase Parr (PF) 6'7 Gleneg Country Day Team Dedication 
56 Al Keys (PG) 5'8 Oakland Mills (HoCo) Baltimore Supreme
57 Mahki Hopkins (F) 6'4 St. Vincent Pallotti DC Blue Devils 
58 Jalen Rucker (PG) 5'6 Gilman High School Team Melo 
59 Kaleb Torrance (PG) 5'8 Wakefield High School Team Takeover
60 Odell Dickerson (WF) 6'1 Mt. Hebron High School Team Melo 

2015 Coach Francis Classic Game & Class of 2019 Participant Player Evaluations

Casey Morsell – Morsell is a future true point guard with size that can push the ball at varied speeds and can get to where ever he wants on the court to score off the dribble and set up teammates. He likes the spin move to get by the second defender before he completes an acrobatic finish with excellent body control. Casey’s handle is tight and fluid and he is a willing passer with excellent court vision and feel for the game. He is a terrific drive, draw and kick passer. Casey can score going to the rim while making it look easy. Casey is also a solid on ball defender.

Demon Clowney – One of two 2020’s competing in the Coach Francis Classic Clowney is a skilled combo forward at this point. He is a long and a solid athlete. Depending on how much he grows he could play both positions as a collegian.  Demon is a solid face up shooter with range to 15 feet. He is good enough now to score on his own in the low post. He can spin off his defender in the post or score some over his left shoulder. Clowney is quickly improving on his catching and shooting. He is an excellent rebounder. He uses his length and athletic ability to grab rebounds outside of his area. Clowney is also a solid post defender that uses his size and length to disrupt and block shots defensively.

Will Thomas – An explosive left handed scorer with a legit long range jumper beyond the arc out to 22 feet. Thomas has a built in desire to be considered the best at his position; in order to achieve that status at the 2-Guard - one cannot get ready to score the basketball one must be ready to score the basketball. Thomas possesses that mind set which puts tremendous pressure on any defense. His frame is long and lanky while his dribble is low and quick which allows him to beat his man. Once inside the painted area his soft touch and body control with length making him a great finisher; we like his ability to finish at the rim and get to the FT line where he shoot s solid percentage. Thomas is an able rebounder with his strong body and athletic ability. He has the ability to take over games offensively and has a solid skill package.

Logan Curtis – This young man is a prospect who is turning himself into a player. By that we mean one can see the natural talent and his improving confidence over the past year is yielding more production. Has a tremendous wing frame and his scoring package is diverse. He's got game to three-point range. Off the bounce Curtis will go to the rim and attempt to impose his will. Valuable offensive player who could be a No. 1 option at Calvert Hall at some point; but definitely fits in as a secondary option the day he walks on campus. Good athlete, above-average speed, plenty of size for his position.

Christian DePollar – Love him more every time we see him. Solid wing that gets after it on both ends; owns a lefty stroke that extends to three-point range. Has a live body and is a rangy defender who knows how to use his length.  His willingness to mix it up in the paint takes his game to the next level and he has the potential to be a bigtime scorer (not just a shooter) with continued work and dedication.  Tools and demeanor are there for him to be a top prospect.  Plain and simple he's a good basketball player with a high ceiling.

Gerard Mungo – “Whoodie” is an explosive combo-guard that can get anywhere he wants off the dribble. He is much more scorer than facilitator, but he affects the game in multiple ways. He is slippery while maneuvering his way to the basket and he has a variety of ways of finishing. He is quite potent in the mid-range area with the use of the two-dribble pull-up or he has that burst and length to get to the rim.  Plays with the heart of a champion and is the consummate teammate.  We believe that Gerard is still an under the radar prospects and he has played with elite talent for years. Due to his frame, athleticism, he must be considered major talent.

Anwar Gill – Gill is developing into an aggressive scorer with high skill and excellent athletic ability. With terrific size for the wing; he is shown the ability knocks down the three point shots with consistency on the break or catch and using screening action in the half court. When he puts the ball on the floor he can get all the way to the rim and score or find an open player. He has really good length and a great basketball body that should continue to fill out. His skill level is what separates him and the chip on the shoulder that tell him he will be one of the best when it’s all said and done.


Austin Allison – The 2nd 2020 playing up in the event; Allison is a true shooting guard that can make jumpers to the arc and straight line mid-range pull ups. He has a smooth confident stroke and is a good ball handler and passer as well. He must add strength, rebound more and become a better at getting his own shot but Allison has great upside and is capable of getting hot and putting up excellent numbers.  A nice looking stroke and is very confident in his ability to make open shots and pull ups over defenders. Austin does a good job of running the wing on the break, coming off screen and spacing to the open area on dribble penetration where he is shot ready on the catch. Allison also has a good basketball IQ and can deliver the ball to an open teammate when he draws a second defender. He is a good straight line ball handler as well who competes and plays with toughness.

Jordan Hairston – This is a big time player who's managed to fly somewhat below the national radar. Loyal kid so he's stuck with his AAU team and teammates when he could have starred elsewhere. A competitive fire burns strong and the thinking here is that he's a Top prospect in the area now and long-term is more than realistic, impact point guard and sure-fire all-league potential. There's lots to like about Hairston; has size, speed, strength and a diverse offensive game to augment his court vision and natural playmaking abilities. A good, not great 3-point shooter, Jordan uses his speed to create chances off the bounce. His pull-up jump shot is a big weapon. As a creator, he easily gets into the lane and will finish or find shooters. Improving leader and shows savvy enough to dive to the post and abuse guards when its advantageous. Intelligent young man on and off the court and it shows in his play. Extremely important for his position is the handle and he owns a very unique and tight one.

Jamel Melvin – An incredibly talented young player, with a world of potential - frankly once he reaches 6’10, Melvin has as much long term potential as any player in the class of 2019. He stands a legitimate 6'8" with tools that will allow him to play face up basketball and the versatility to guard potentially 3 different positions on the floor. He has the complete.  Physically, he has great agility for his size, a pretty strong and developing frame, and solid athleticism.  Like a raw steak, we know it looks good but we know it will be even better when served perfectly cooked with a loaded potato on the side.

Mahki Long – Long is a terrific shooting guard that can score to the arc and with his smooth middle game. He also uses his ability to shoot the ball to help him get shots for teammates when he attacks multiple defenders. Mahki has great size, skill and feel for the game. He can get on a role and knock down jumpers with great accuracy. Mahki can also play the point-forward in a pinch but he seems to think and operate more like a shooting guard. Big time size and talented perimeter player - On dribble penetration he finds the open area of the floor for penetrate and kicks, and can really knock them down when his feet are set. In the half court set  he knows how to use screens and good footwork allows him to get shot ready once he clears the screen. Defensively, Long has the size and length to lock down on  perimeter players. He can give smaller guys a little space while using his length to contest shots or use his physicality to push guys off screens to the perimeter. A above average rebounder at his position, Long has a good knack for knowing where the ball is going off the rim and getting there often creating second chances for himself or teammates.

Marvin Price – His body will take him places. He's got length, wide shoulders and size for a high-major wing.  The range on his jumper was above average and he has produced consistently off the catch. He doesn’t torch as a primary function of his game; but has shown the ability to take over and do so in the flow of the game. Clearly one of the top wing forwards out there. He's not over-hyped Price is the real deal.  He can score the ball and always tries to finish with power – winning is most important priority.

Makhi Mitchell – One of the top overall prospects in America. There's no reason to think he can't be an All-American and all-pro someday; he's got that ceiling. He'll wear the 'top 25' slot for a lot of years in high school and he'll be a marked man under constant scrutiny. His reputation as a tough player and hard worker will aid him as he hopes to improve and stave off competition for his slot.  He loves to catch on the blocks or extended, face and weigh his options. Not afraid to go glass and can drive it from mid-range going either way. Basically, he's a real problem. When he needs to, he can explode and is a conscientious rebounder. His touch around the rim and ability to leap multiple times is begin to display itself. The young man has counters and power moves. If he likes his matchup, he'll dive right to the blocks and set up shop. There isn't a spot on the floor where he can't begin his drive package. Likes the baseline too and will hit high-arching fadeaways. Owns a motor and once an affinity for playing hard becomes his addiction scouts may OD on his talent.

Jason Murphy – He's one of those lengthy front court prospects. Has the athletic ability to go get it off the glass, will even make tips at the rim. His  face-up game is of the catch and shoot variety at this point; and has developed a reputation for attempting to dunk anything and everything that he can – a great mental mindset. Let's call him what he is: a guy with a significant upside, the kind that you would be smart to believe in.  This is a top-prospect. He has all the physical markers and his athleticism is improving each time we see him.  He's a talent, and one will have to watch closely.

EJ Jarvis – This is a kid who is raw but coming on and quickly. The smooth combo-forward has all the physical tools but that's not why he's going to make it big. In addition to the tools, size and athleticism he has coordination, explosion and an uncommon agility and feel. For a 6’8 baby he's got super touch to mid-range. He eats rebounds and collects blocks. With both hands he finishes around the rim. Each time we've seen him on the court he's gotten more aggressive. If you watch him in drills you'll quickly notice that he handles the ball with more fluidity and natural basketball acumen than many guards. This kid is a worker. He's intelligent, committed and sees the big picture. He has the desire and ability to actually max out his potential.

Malik Anderson – A point guard prospect that has great upside. He has spectacular court vision combined with a high level of athleticism and a non-stop motor that is most apparent on the defensive end. He is shifty with the ball inside the arc splitting defenders and finishing with either hand at the rim or feeding the open man. Standing at 6’0 h he plays bigger than his height and does a good job of probing defenses and pinpointing his pass to set up a score or shooting a floater or mid-range pull-up.  Has the potential/skill to be a scoring one but also the vision and IQ to be a big time facilitator.  His drive game, passing ability, and versatility make Anderson a top prospect in 2019 and a major talent to watch.

Makhel Mitchell - While Makhel’s body and skill set continue to develop at a rapid rate, his long term potential and upside are undeniable. He has all the physical intangibles (extraordinarily long arms, strength, and improving bounce) scouts look for in a high-level prospect. He is an innate scorer who can work off the dribble out the 3-point line; but also play back to the basket and middle game basketball. In addition, he had a number of high-level finishes through contact while slashing to the basket off the bounce. He possesses a strong frame that continues to stretch out which includes big hands and feet that are not done growing. His physical tools are becoming elite status and he is still growing into his body. Versatility and ability to create his own shot off the dribble at his size make him unique in his class. His handle is a weapon and we just don't see that often with players at his age and size. He can be a facilitator at times with his increased understanding of the game. Add to the mix a steady rebounder that shows a nose for the ball coming off the glass.

Jay Heath – Heath is a comb guard w/ great length and a ton of explosion to his game. His speed w/ the basketball is off the charts as he is able to push the ball from end to end in the blink of an eye and equally explosive with his first step when attacking in the half-court set. His speed and length also makes him a tremendous defender, both on and off the ball, as he can dart into passing lanes from out of nowhere or lock up opposing ball-handlers. Physically, he has ideal size for his position that enables him to see over the defense.  While he must shoot the ball more consistently to space the court in order to maximize his tools, Jay is a great prospect for moving to the point because of his great size, length, and the major burst to his game. He will have to learn the PG position but doing so could pay big dividends for him and future.

Anthony Harris - There may not be a more polished scoring lead guard out of the DMV than the versatile Harris. He affects the game on multiple levels, especially on the defensive end. His jump shot has improved and he has a terrific pull-up game as well. What sets him apart from other prospects is his feel (great passer) for the game. Harris' skill level, savvy, and knack of slithering his way to the rim is unmatched – the kid as a chance at 6’5+ period.

Justin Moore - Moore is special because he contributes to his team even when he is not scoring which makes him even more valuable. For example he possesses a feel and vision for when to score and when to keep the ball moving. This is evident by how he passes the ball quickly and early when reading his defender and a defense. He has improved his athletic ability so much in recent months and it now matches his solid skill. Everyone loves those players that can just "go get you a bucket" and Mr. Moore is one of those players.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015



NYBL Co-Founder Severs Ties to Youth Basketball League

COLUMBUS, OH. (September 15, 2015) - With the conclusion of the NYBL all-star games this past weekend, Buckeye Prep Report Founder, Rob Taylor has severed all ties with the National Youth Basketball League, and will no longer have any involvement with the day-to-day operations of the 3-year old league. Although Taylor is extremely proud of his role in taking a raw idea, selling the vision of the league to coaches, then spear heading significant growth over the past years, he has concluded that it is now time to move on and to focus on further strengthening the Buckeye Prep Report brand. 

Anybody who knows anything about Rob Taylor and the Buckeye Prep Report knows that he and his events are synonymous with integrity, fairness, passion and organization. In the wake of the Elite Basketball Circuit (EBC) debacle, and being unwilling to comprise his principles and risk tarnishing his hard-earned reputation, Taylor has decided to step away from a league in which he was instrumental in building and managing. “I would like to thank all of the players, coaches and parents who helped in the realization of the vision, while simultaneously playing a role in “changing the face of middle school basketball!” said Taylor.