Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Antonio Hamlin Love Affair Has Officially Begun

Antonio Hamlin has been on the verge of a breakout for some time and his progress is now being noted by the top high school in the area – a sure sign that he has arrived and is here to stay.  Hamlin solidified his status as a top prospect after displaying a wide ranging skill set in the recent Middle School All-American Game and following that up with an All-Star appearance in front of another set of eyes in this year’s Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.

Hamlin has taken his game to another level. He does whatever his team needs for them to win in camp, all-star, or team settings. Antonio is a player whose stock is on the rise due to his amazing combination of size, skill, and athleticism.   A physical multiple position defender that can keep the ball in front of him with lateral foot speed and physical play. He does not hesitate to take control of a game regardless of the position he is playing on the court. He accepts the challenge on defense and has an all business approach. He also is an unselfish play maker off the bounce; but he is wired and programmed to get buckets which he does at a high clip.  More of a scorer than a shooter he gets to the line where he converts – and with his activity he constantly puts pressure on the defense and has improved his field goal percentage by using angles and his size to his advantage to get and make shots from all over the floor.  

Tough as nails in transition he can hurt you anywhere on the floor and with his improving ability to make reads he is better each time we evaluate him.  Increasingly long, athletic and active on the break or shooting the three and in between where he puts the ball on the floor to create Hamlin is a tough tough cover.  Also an excellent passer that can see over the defense he makes the right decision – especially when he draws a second defender. He also is capable of defending both wing positions and a power forward in a pinch.   

Antonio is capable of big numbers without drawing a lot of attention to himself. He can quietly have dominating possessions and games where the stat sheet is stuffed but by doing it in the flow of the game it can go unnoticed.  Hamlin will translate well to the next few levels and will be a high sought after high school prospect in the coming years.

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