Monday, September 7, 2015

Corey Barnes A Dues Paying Member of the “Ball So Hard” Club

When it comes to motor, effort, and physical play Corey Barnes is at the top of his class. His ability to overpower defenders with his high school ready body is what separates him from the pack. He goes strong to the rim, going right at any shot-blocker, and consequently getting to the free-throw line in high volume. He is at his best in the open floor where he combines his power with some break-away athleticism and good instincts. 

Corey is refreshingly unselfish and is naturally a good passer, his perimeter skill set is also coming along quite nicely with both his three-point shot and mid-range pull-up vastly improving as he is now consistently being groomed against the nation’s most elite competition at the nation’s top events on the biggest stages. The iron sharpening iron theory is working excellently and has local coaches bidding for his services as he prepares for his move to the DMV area in a few short weeks.

A strong showing at the Middle School All-American game solidified his position as a top national prospect as he displayed a variety of skills that translate well to the next level.  One of the best on the ball defenders he can guard all 3 perimeter positions as well as some 4's in smaller line-ups due to his solid core strength -  the young man leaves it on the floor every time out.  Only a shoulder injury kept him off the All-Star floor at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp where he performed admirably before having to be shut down early Sunday morning.

Barnes will look to beat you up and make you work every second of every possession on both ends; he will look to physically dominant you, there are not many players at this age that truly understand how to play the game this way – as he continue to showcase his rapidly improving ball-handling, finishing, and shooting skill we can clearly see some next level athleticism coming into his game and this looks to be a big year for him as he establishes himself as a "here and now" as well as a "future guy". When Barnes is not scoring he is a naturally a good passer, a good rebounder and an unselfish team first player who treats the game and all those around him with the utmost respect.

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