Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tyrin Bizzelle It Aint Hard To Tell - PG Displays Total Package at Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp

Tyrin Bizzelle is one of those rare gems in the youth basketball game; even as a class of 2024 player from a scouting and evaluation perspective you know who and what he is immediately and moving forward.  So many players COULD grow, what position WILL they play is often one of the biggest hurdles when attempting to project young talent.  Bizzelle is a quick study; he is a pure point guard who plays the game like a cagey veteran who has been here before.  

Again another DMV product that should impact all national boards Bizzelle has the potential to be one of the best natural/pure point guard prospects that has laced them up in the area in a long while. He has great size for the 1 at this juncture and the genetic line bodes well for this future.  Tyrin also has all the intangibles you could ask for regarding that position. His handle is high-level and he had a number of dribbling exhibitions in the open court that were simply remarkable during the Basketball Spotlight weekend and throughout the season as we have had the pleasure of evaluating him and his progress. His ball control, tight handle, and precision passing alone will make you fall in love and lose your mind.  But his dedication to the defensive end both on the ball and playing the passing lanes is just as attractive as his offensive repertoire.

“Tugga” as he is sometimes called, can explode to the spots on the court that he wants to and he can get in the paint and teeth of the defense with the best of them and he can knock down the perimeter jump shot with regularity, shooting an above average percentage for players his age. He manages the game very well and knows how to get his teammates involved – we are absolutely in love with his on court communication and leadership skills. It will be shocking if he isn't one of the area’s best performers that will also have a national profile.   

Bizzelle will prove to be an example that player tracking works early and simply by having Tyrin in your program, on your roster, on your team, or on the court his presence alone makes all of the aforementioned better and there are not many players at any age who can make that claim.

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