Monday, September 14, 2015

Rahiem Ali Jr. Says it With His Chest - Makes His Statement in the Class of 2020

Reclassification has created opportunity for players throughout the country for years in various sports and situations.  While it is a known phenomenon scouts and evaluators can only make an initial guess when players appear and are compared to a new class of players. Ultimately the proof is in the pudding and any accolades or honors must be proven on the floor.

Enter Rahiem Ali Jr. – he has earned his keep as a member of the 2020 class.  First Ali arrived as the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp where he was named to the Top 20 All-Star Game; he showed a diverse skill set throughout the weekend in Maryland proving that he can score the rock, facilitate, and defend the position.

The fool me once theory was then tested, this past weekend as we had an opportunity to view “Rah Rah” Ali compete in the Buckeye Prep Showcase in Ohio.  The results?  Another Top 20 All-Star Appearance as well as being named a Top 5 Overall Performer with some of the nation’s top talent in the class in attendance.  Say no more point proven, Rahiem Ali Jr. must now and moving forward be in any discussion when you are referring to top players in the DMV and top players in the country at his position.

Ali is a true point guard that is quick and smart with a score first mentality although he can facilitate, run pick and roll, operate within structure while acting a leader. Ali Jr. is an excellent ball handler that really likes to attack with the double crossover.

He pushes that ball in the open court and understands when to slow down and make plays with his basketball IQ. Ale’s maturity, feel and court vision makes him an elite passer and excellent at setting up teammates. He also knows how to run a team and knows all his looks when executing a set play.  He understands the value of getting and keeping ALL his teammates happy and will often give up a look to set up a teammate – yet call his number and he can get you a bucket from all three levels with a solid percentage especially off the catch. 

Rahiem’s status has now been earned not given and thus he must be respected in any gym that he walks into in the country moving forward.  Yes we said it, and yes we mean it. 

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