Monday, September 7, 2015

Hunter Dickinson – Proves He’s Destined For Future Greatness

noun: prospect; plural noun: prospects
  1. the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring.

The evolution of players at the middle school level is a joy to watch and so many things have begun to click for the who is arguably one of America top pure post – his height translates already and just a few inches away from the magical 6’11/7’0 he is one that can punch his D1 ticket and with continued work and development have even higher aspirations.

Dickinson is a strong and skilled euro-style face forward center. His ability to shoot the ball with range and his improving athletic ability sets him apart and makes him special. Dickinson has tremendous upside and has begun to simply dominate on the glass while making a bigtime impact over both shoulders offensively.

Hunter is a 6’9/6’10 wide bodied big with elite shooting and passing skill, with steady improvement in his athletic ability and strength he is becoming a huge problem figuratively and literally. You can see the growing confidence in his game and he will open defenders eyes from when he gets on a roll and drops two or three 18-footers in a row before the defense knows what hit it.  Dickinson can actually step behind the stripe and will shoot a decent percentage from that spot off the catch.

Hunter is made for the pick and pop situations and his again slowly but surely developing a quick trigger and already has the ability to shoot over smaller defenders with ease. He is running the floor well and has an improving motor. Hunter has gone from a good area rebounder to being able to make an impact by changing sides and cleaning glass.  His work on the offensive glass may be his biggest improvement as he is starting to make and impact on every play and possession on both sides of the ball.   

As a shot blocker he is touching a lot of balls but altering even more – the improved lateral movement has taken his defense to a new level as a weak side defender; once he figure out how to combat those that attempt to put him in space he will be very difficult to avoid when making travel plans to the paint.

With so much talent in the DMV this is a player that has a chance to be last man standing at the end of the day. Why you ask?  Because he is athletic and strong enough to finish above the rim thru contact. He competes at all times. He can score as a face up big or with his back to the basket with a quick catch and go moves, drop steps and is beginning to really rip and power through the defender over his left shoulder.  Hunter can be used in screen/rolls due to his soft hands and shooting, he passes very well and shows vison and is beginning to embrace the physical pounding of the post live doing a good job sealing his defender in the low post. 

After a stellar performance in the Middle School All-American Game and Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp at the 2020 level after playing most of the year at 2019; it has been proven on the court that we are looking at one of the best anywhere in the country in the class – he must be in any conversation as there are simply not many like him with the combination of size and skills; the bottom-line like it or not Dickinson is a kid that has a shot. 

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