Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blake Harper Makes His Mark at Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp

Another player that stile the show was class of 2024 Blake Harper;  a combo guard with excellent size who is more than capable of running the lead guard spot but one you don’t want to limit due to his offensive prowess.  A player we have been keeping our eye on this is the first time we have been able to see him extensively in a competitive situation and the upside is obvious.  

He is way more than potential having shown exceptional production all weekend long against elite level competition.  Throughout the weekend he scored the ball and showed creativity offensively, as well as pace and patience picking his spots to shine and to make his teammates better.  Adding to his excellent profile is a commitment to perform on the defensive end where he equally as strong he showed that he can transition from one end to another seamlessly. 

Harper looks as if he will be a long armed athletic playmaking guard with excellent size - and outstanding athleticism, Blake showcased a very nice first step and the ability to create his own shot very effectively, and basic passing skills on the drive and dish. Loved his decision making in the half-court, giving us the  impression that he clearly has point guard skills and mentality and it’s even more natural to him then a combo, he’s a coach’s son so that is frankly no surprise. He can also pull-up off the dribble, which he did nicely on a couple of occasions. His 3-point stroke looks better than many we have seen at this age and has more than acceptable results.  If a shorter man is on him (which is often the case) he can take him down to the post a little bit and score with his back to the basket.

Defensively is where Harper is also very effective;  as he has terrific tools to get the job done (size, length, sneaky athleticism), and is fully committed to the task, getting right into his man’s face in a fundamental stance and being extremely disruptive, particularly in the passing lanes. 

You add this package to a Magic Johnson type smile, excellent attitude, and coach-ability and it’s no wonder Harper was rated as Top 5 player in the camp at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.  His path is clearly laid to enter the national conversation; we predict a very bright future for this young man not just in the DMV but the country.

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