Wednesday, April 6, 2016

DMV 2021 Hot Recruits – Top Under the Radar Players

Jake Koverman is long, broad, has terrific feet, and high-level timing as well as one of the highest IQ’s we have seen for a middle school player. His game is skill-based but considering the improvements we have seen in his athleticism and quickness his ceiling is immense.   A player who can guard multiple positions with his improved lateral movement he has always excelled as a shot-blocker and is a big contributor on both glasses.

He runs the floor like a deer with the frontline speed improving each time we see him, his timing is impeccable around the rim when it comes to getting his shot off where he uses an assortment of moves/fakes including a very nice step-back combination. He has good hands and he can finish in transition he has improved his release timing and release point on his jump shot which he can shot out the arch. He plays with great energy, doesn’t mind playing through contact, and may the Rodney Dangerfield in the DMV area.  There are simply not that many players with transferable size and skill-set within the class of 2021 right now – Koverman is one that has it and is quietly becoming one of the most asked about rising 2021’s in the area by those that know what they are looking for and at.

Detwan Montague standing 6’6/6’7 with great length is considered by many to be the prospect with the most upside on a solid 2021 Team Thrill squad and one of the most intriguing players in the DMV; at this juncture is a dominant shot-blocker with all the tools necessary to be a true rim protector for years to come. He's quick off his feet with his first and second jumps, has an innate sense of timing without fouling, and the ability to get up to the top of the box.
He's equally quick rotating back to the rim, which allows him to patrol wide radius's and still erase mistakes. Offensively, he is a work in progress and is still very raw and is almost exclusively getting his own off the offensive glass.   As his hands improve he has shown flashes of being an exceptional finisher around the basket with the ability to chase down the lob.  He's capable of changing ends extremely well and also has a lot of upside in pick and roll because of his quickness and explosiveness.  Montague is the type of kid who doesn't need many touches or points to impact a game, but for his development long term it would be wise to maximize his gifts.
Detwan plays on a guard dominate team where is touches are limited, realizing his long-term developmental value will be essential for this growth trajectory to be maximized.  Has the physical tools, dexterity, size to be considered one of the best prospect in the area as long as he is a focal point of given the opportunity to mature into the player we believe he can be.
High School coaches looking for a point guard in the 2021 class look no further than Md. Playmakers lead guard Jalen Miller, underrated quickness, deceptive athleticism, and high IQ are just some of the attributes that define the budding star.   He possesses a strong frame with solid length and quick hands.
He has a great burst in the open court and he knows when to pull it back to monitor the defense. He gets to the rim due to his elite ability to use angles, make reads, along with his exceptional strength. In addition, he has the vision to locate teammates for easy buckets. He keeps his handle low and tight and is difficult to keep contained while penetrating.
Miller is a blur with the ball in his hands and his ability to create tempo is virtually unmatched in the field of PGs. He is in the discussion be the best pure point not only in the DMV but also be in the national discussion. He is great at dribble penetrating and finding open teammates for great shots. Miller will be a major recruit for all area high schools if only for his IQ, physical tools, and his ability to make his teammates better.  If he were a little more selfish he frankly could control the game from a scoring perspective too and this is something he at some point must figure out – but his “make the right play attitude” is a “bad habit” no coach will mind breaking.

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