Thursday, March 31, 2016


Team Melo vs Baltimore United game rumored to not be played

There has been a growing “rivalry”, or as much of one as there can be for two teams who have never actually played each other.  Baltimore based programs Team Melo (Jordan Brand/NIKE) and Baltimore United (Under Armour) have tussled for bragging rights, players, and any alternative measuring stick they can find.
It is anticipated that a true rivalry-type intensity will rear itself the first time these programs take the court against each other and with some serious star power to boot; the game will “settle” a lot of scores in the minds of players and Baltimoreans alike…at least until the next match-up.
The other interesting battle that will inevitably be discussed is the prominence of the brands.  Who has the top talent and where does that top talent play.  There are some very clear differences between the teams and brands and depending on the vantage point from which you are looking each has some strong advantages and disadvantages in comparison. 
Yet, the time for talk is quickly coming to an end – or so many may have thought.  With the highly anticipated upcoming Session III of the UA Proving Grounds Session taking place at Catholic University in Washington, DC this coming weekend it was expected by many that Team Melo 2020 vs Baltimore United 2020 would finally face-off, right here in the DMV for all to see.
Not so fast my friends, sources close the situation have intimated that this game WILL NOT be played “It's a heated rivalry. It's always going to be that way so we have to get the players and participants that [are going to be] down there for the love of the game and not down there for other alternatives." stated an unnamed source close to the situation. 
So with only one session remaining after this weekend’s tip-off the only remaining hope for a NIKE/UA match-up of Melo vs United is in Carmelo’s second home in New York City….stay tuned because the possibility remains that this group of young star may not step onto the court to compete unless it’s at their respective high school.  A very interesting proposition to say the least or rather this is simply how things go would you are in the midst of a local and national sneaker war.
This my friends is a lot bigger than a lot of people think and there are many more things in play than anyone’s wildest imagination – welcome Class 2020 to the high school side, you will see very quickly it’s a very very different world.

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