Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Treyvon Todd the Bigger the Player the Higher the Ceiling

The time is officially hear to formally introduce the DMV to 6’9, class of 2020, big man Treyvon Todd; Todd who appeared on our radar roughly 3-years ago has remained one of the most intriguing prospects in the area.  The game at the youth level has long been guard dominant, coupled with the change in the game itself the art and value of true big men and post play have been lost in many systems at all levels.  Yet there is and has remained a beacon; one that is quickly rounding out and whose path will be littered with “Johnny Come Lately’s” who attempt to benefit from the hard work and development Todd has put it.  Todd will be a force on the high school level before it’s over; as he is just now beginning to realize the immense potential he has always possessed at the most elite level.  Todd with the right development is what you call a program changer.
Treyvon Todd to date is decently productive right now, but it's the flashes of spectacular that are most intriguing, and so he's still very early on in his development and is slowly but surely turning his potential into production. His hands are improving each time he takes the floor, with both the initial catch and in traffic. A future that will without question include a lot of double teams he must continue to increase his strength with the ball in congestion while also continuing to polish his go to post move while adding a dependable counter.
Today Todd can be considered a big bodied post player with a terrific natural build and a very high ceiling. Already long and strong, his frame has plenty of room left to support even more muscle mass in the coming years and so he's likely to have a big time body before it is all said and done.
He scores primarily off dump-offs and put-backs right now, but we have seen the development of a jump hook.  He runs and jumps well for his size and showcases more than acceptable athleticism – Todd will likely be a power player who incorporates finesse.  What we really love now is that Todd is a solid shot-blocker and rebounder while his under the radar quiet, no-nonsense type of workmen approach to his game is something that coaches at the next level will value and love.
In conclusion Treyvon Todd is a young and talented big man, and is the type of long-term prospect that you believe in because he appears to work hard and have a good demeanor for the game.  Not to put the pressure of labeling a player so young as a can’t miss; it’s best if coaches don’t miss out on any opportunity to work with and/or add Treyvon Todd to their team or program.

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