Monday, February 16, 2015

DMV Preps Player Spotlight - Jordan Toles

DMV Prep has introduced you to some of the area’s top players in various classes and from various locations.  One of the premier players - ranked #1 by DMV Preps in 2014, currently Ranked #2 and coming in with a  top 5 national ranking - is 2020 member Jordan Toles out of Baltimore.

Toles is a natural scorer who is also comfortable handling the ball and creating for others. He is exceptional at mixing dribble-drives and jumpers to keep defenders off-balance, but the element of his game that separates him from the rest is his heart and motor.  A double-double machine, he consistently produces 25+point, 15+rebound efforts.

Blessed with quickness and next level athleticism, this true competitor isn’t a prim a-donna superstar – Toles is willing to do whatever it takes for his team to win, including sacrificing any aspect of his game when playing with other talented players.
Toles has traveled the country playing with some of the top all-star teams and has been able to fit in.  Most notably, Toles recently competed with one of the best groupings in the country at the 2020 level as part of the USA National Select team and performed admirably showing unselfishness yet no drop off in his production in any statistical category.

Playing on this level has improved Toles' overall IQ, which was significant to begin with.  A willing defender, Jordan is a consistent force in the full-court press and locks up in the half-court as well.  He has carried his local squad on multiple nights; defeating some of the most talented teams in the country.  Toles came up a few possessions short in the NYBL of defeating the current 2020 National Champion Oakland Soldiers.

Toles' value, skill set, and overall dominance in his age group is without question.  The ability to play within a system with a strong supporting cast will only accentuate the things that he does well.  Additionally this will allow him to focus on developing the other areas of his game that ultimately move him to his projected combo guard position and earns his elite upper echelon status going into his final middle school years and into high school.  The ability to see him work and be who he will be as player at the next level successfully; opposed to having to play positions that he is effective at but does not project too will increase his stock and value coast to coast.

With a concentrated effort that isn’t focused on wins and losses; Toles could operate in a “Westbrook” type of fashion from the lead guard position, and his upside and ceiling are still extremely high.

Every high school in the area and many outside of it are sold and seeking his commitment, but no decision or commitment has been made.  Is Toles perfect? No, no player is – But is he a player that can change a program (AAU or High School), is willing to work on becoming the best, and he cares about winning.  He doesn’t care about numbers, he cares about being the best PERSON and player he can be ~ at the end of the day that is why he is one of the best in the country and that is what sets him apart and make him the special kid and players that he is.

Check out the below  – even in the midst of rough week for his squad, Toles still managed to average 20+ ppg and 13+rebounds per game.  I predict a huge 2015 for Toles and run at a national title, he’s that good.

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