Monday, February 16, 2015

DMV Preps - Area Players To Watch

Scouts hear mumblings about talent in the marketplace often; with the DMV being home to some of most talented players in the country, it organically has one of the deepest talent pools of any area.  With three major events taking place at the middle school/grammar school level in the DC Metropolitan area in the past three weeks – each with extremely high levels of competition – DMV Preps have identified some top players who are doing big things on the circuit and must be noted moving forward as top prospects and players in the area.

Below is a brief synopsis of players that must be watched moving forward and mentioned with the area's other top hoopers:

Logan Curtis - 6’2 SG, Baltimore Finest (2019):  Curtis is true shooting guard with great size and strength. What makes him special is his ability to work off the dribble with the pull-up/stop and pop and combine this skill set with an excellent array of finishing moves.   Logan has proved that he can also step out and knock down the perimeter three from distance as well he has a propensity derived from an above average basketball IQ to see plays develop in front of him, and has a unselfish wiliness to share the ball and make the right play.  Big enough to absorb contact and still finish, this is also an asset as a lead guard – ultimately Curtis should be able to function well at the high school level as a solid combo guard.  One of the most important aspects beyond offensive proficiency is the ability to guard the position; Curtis is a willing and able defender who takes pride in this aspect of his game.  He worked well on the ball and as a weak side defender and used communication to assist his teammates.  Do not believe the Curtis is fully aware of his potential at this juncture; once he figures out that he can play with anybody in his 2019 class look for some big-time performance for the rising star a definite player to watch.

Caleb Bowers – 5’8 SG, DC Blue Devils, (2020):  A player that loves the game doesn’t look at it as work, Bowers is one of those kids that just loves being in the gym competing and getting better.  His hard work is beginning to translate and pay dividends against high level competition – the truest “test” and translation of talent is getting the job done against other top players in the market.  A recent reclass has dramatically increased the stock of Bowers reports have been confirmed of his move from 2019 to 2020.  Recently he has proven himself to be one of the top shooting guards in 2020. He combines good explosiveness off the floor with a quick deadly stroke from behind the arc. He is much more of a streak shooter with terrific range who can run off four or five in a row.  There have been major improvements in the base consistency of his shot which will directly affect his percentages.  Right now better off the catch and shoot than the bounce this aspect too is improving rapidly.  This little pup as well loves to stomp with the big dogs in the paint already; adding strength to his frame will allow his to finish with greater efficiency even with his already showing the ability to get to the line and draw fouls.  Points of concentration for Bowers over the next two years leading to high school is to expand his push and pull ball handling game to be able to operate as a lead guard for stretches and/or exclusively and increased laterally quickness to allow him to guard the position at the elite level.  With Bowers improvement trajectory and work ethic we expect him to achieve these benchmarks sooner rather than later.

Jason Murphy – 6’7 Center, Team Melo (2019):  Murphy is a super long and athletic post. He runs the floor with long strides and can beat opposing post players down the floor for easy baskets. He is becoming much quicker as an initial jumper and is rapidly improving as a second leaper.  He is beginning to play the game above the rim and finishes better each time we have seen him.  He works best currently when he receives drop off passes created by dribble penetration. You see the beginnings of some solid footwork great indicators of hard work in the gym.  Using his great size for this level the true center clogs the lane especially on the defensive end of the floor. He can and finish on the move well for a player his size and able to change directions well do guard against it on the other.  We also see improvement and ability as a passer off out of the post which allows offence to be ran through him.  Seeing more aggressiveness on the offensive and defensive end speaks to “future complete player” status.  You can’t coach height and this is height with a constantly improving skill set bodes for well for the future of Jason Murphy and high school lucky enough to secure his services as a student-athlete.

Jordan Hairston – 5’8 PG/Combo Guard, Slam City Elite (2019):  Jordan Hairston is known in many basketball circles and has played in many high level games on the league circuit as well as the camp circuit -  so why is he on this list?  Hairston is undergoing one of the most difficult transitions in the game of basketball on any level and his recent performance indicates his path and future is bright.  Previously having operated exclusively as a scoring two Hairston is beginning to show glimpses for long stretches at the PG positon.  Hairston who has one of the best motors in the game is now “shifting gears” and playing the game at different speeds and paces.  Operating at times as a pass first lead he is seeing the floor and beginning to anticipate player movement off reads within the offensive structure.  Getting the team into a solid set and good possession shows Hairston’s basketball maturity and growth; within this he is learning to facilitate himself and to score with the context of game flow.  He hasn’t lost that killer instinct by any means but this development and ability to function at the point sends his value sky –rocketing.  Could end up as one of the better scoring one’s once he is able to fully master the position – multiple high level games with low turnovers high assist and efficient scoring lead us to not question “if” only “when” Jordan become a top candidate to moving to the high school level.

Anwar Gill – 6’2 SG/Combo Guard, DC Premier (2019):  Anwar Gill is a strong physical wing. He runs the floor on the break where he can use his strength to get to the rim. In the half court he attacks defenders from the wing and can finish through contact with ease. He has a good mid-range jumper off the bounce which is actually more effective than his catch is shoot currently which bodes well for his future.  Another player who has yet to figure out his true value and ability as a player; a common thing for talented kids at the middle school level – the bottom-line is Gill has the tools to play the game on an elite high level.  Deceptively quick but more crafty than anything with the ball, he make the ball an extension of himself; he become immediately more efficient when he takes less chances and still remains (if not improves) is effectiveness on the court.  Frankly with his skill set and size Gill can get anywhere he wants on the floor with the ball. He challenges taller players at the rim and can finish over or around them; he probes and penetrates the defense looking for openings to finishes or to set up others.  At times can be overly unselfish – but if that the worst thing we can say about Anwar I’m sure this a problem high schools will happily address deal with, there are not many guard with this size/skill combination making him a very attractive piece in the DMV market.

Isaiah Folks- 5’6 PG, 023 Feet (2020):  Folk is now a scoring point guard that has consistently been one of the top facilitators in this age group. He is a difficult match-up because he forces the defender to play close which opens driving lanes for him to make plays of the dribble.  He equally adept at finding teammates as he is at stopping on a dime and knocking down the perimeter shot; his trey ball is also looking very solid and he shoots it with distance. With this added scoring propensity he has the ability to play both backcourt positions with effectiveness.  Still a baby in the basketball world Folks is beginning to gain strength and height; this is very exciting and a traditional path for young players.  As their physical attributes catch up with the skill and dedication magic happens.  Call Folks “David Copperfield” as he must be considered one of the most dangerous PG in the area at 2020, he plays both ends, seeing the flow, has the basketball intellect and leadership skills that teammates appreciate and coaches want.  Great player, great kids, and great prospect that should be on everyone’s list - His defensive efforts only further makes you fall in love; currently a one position (PG) defensive match-up his effort allows him to guard wings at this level.  A top defender who without question is unafraid to stick his nose on the fray, again as his frame grows (long arms/legs now) he become even more value and versatile on the defensive end.

Ryan Conway – 5’10 SG,  Team Durant (2020):  You have to be very careful when you make statements as “best”, “top”, etc.  So this is understood when Ryan Conway is called the best pure shooter in the 2020 class.  A player who is not only comfortable in the gym where he shoots 70%/75% in drill situations, he translates this skill set to the game situations and is a knock down shooter from mid-range and beyond the 3-point stripe.  As an added benefit Conway has a big and tough frame and he isn’t afraid to attack paint and use it, where he has shown the ability to finish with both hands and versatility.  Tough kids who gives it all he has every possession and is a versatile defender who can guard multiple positions.  Rebounds and is one of the hardest workers anytime we have seen him,  handle is improving rapidly as well as his decision making with the ball once this catches up with his elite scoring ability we may be talking about one of the best in the class.  Meet him now and remember him always.

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