Monday, February 16, 2015

DMV Shines At BBall Spotlight Camp

In one of most competitive youth environments in the country in years, the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp attracted players from 30+ states and multiple countries.  With this type of talent in the building all players were tested – and the DMV players proved at each level why this area is considered to be one of the best in the world.  DMV players fought hard, showed no fear and made the rest of country remember their names; taking home multiple awards during the tremendous weekend.

Here is a list of the DMV players who made the All-Star Teams in their respective age groups and classes.

2023 All-Star Team
1. Samartine Bogues (Maryland)
2. Anthony Saunders (Virginia)
3. Cameron Gillus (Virginia)
4. Michael Brelsford (Maryland)
5. Noah Cutler (Virginia)
6. Tyrin Bizelle (Maryland)
7. Daniel Dormu (Maryland)

2022 All-Star Team
1. Knasir McDaniel (District Of Columbia)
2. Sammy Scott (Maryland)
3. Donovan Leak (Maryland)
4. Jason Moore (Maryland)
5. Devon Williams (Maryland)
6. Mason So (Viriginia)

2021 All-Star Team
1. Stalin Oaks (Maryland)
2. Trevor Keels (Maryland)
3. Carlos Alexander (Virginia)
4. Trey Thomas (Maryland)
5. Zion Harmon (District Of Columbia)
6. Ahmad Harrison (Maryland)
7. Ty Wilson (Virginia)

2020 All-Star Team
1. Jordan Toles (Maryland)
2. Justin Lewis (Maryland)
3. Cameron Byers (Maryland)
4. Jeremy Roach (Viriginia)
5. Canin Reynolds (Maryland)
6. Lameron James (Maryland)
7. Tyler Brelsford (Maryland)
8. Josiah Hardy (Virginia)
9. Jermaine Goodwyn (Maryland)
10. Tejon Ford (Maryland)

2019 Top 20 All-Star Team
1. Che Evans (Maryland)
2. Makhi Mitchell (Maryland)
3. Justin Moore (Maryland)
4. Christian Depollar (Maryland)
5. Cameron Savage (Virginia)
6. Sigfried Reid (Maryland)
7. Mahkel Mitchell (Maryland)
8. Marvin Price (Maryland)
9. James Bishop (Maryland)
10. Carsten Kogelnik (Maryland) - Injured

2019 Top 40 All-Star Team
1. Jordan Hairston (North Carolina)
2. Alvonte Lawton (Virgnia)
3. Jemere Williams (Maryland)
4. Jaylen Wiggins (Maryland)
5. Misael Etuaful (Maryland)
6. Beau Everett (Virginia)

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