Friday, February 5, 2016

Brayon Freeman & Elijah Hawkins – If you didn’t know this is called the Show (EXCLUSIVE MIXTAPE RELEASE)

Players in the class of 2021 are beginning to attract a lot of attention in the DMV market; as high school commitments slowly begin to come in for the class of 2020 - acceptance letters are expected from most in the next 45-days and the focus will quickly move to the next crop of young stars.
Two of the most exciting and talented players in the class are not only housed in the same program but in the same backcourt; the “Lil Genius” Elijah Hawkins and Brayon Freeman are slicing and dicing their way through opponents and folks are starting to take notice.  Their most recent appearance was at the recent Basketball Spotlight Clash for the Cup where they put on a memorable show for all in attendance.
The “Lil Genius” is the definition of a true point guard, Hawkins is quick and intelligent with a pass first mentality yet he can also knock down the open shot with range to the arc working both off the catch or dribble. Hawkins is an excellent ball handler that really likes to attack with the crossover dribble. He pushes that ball in the open court and understands when to slow down and make plays with his basketball IQ. Hawkins feel and court vision makes him an elite passer and is excellent at setting up teammates where they are most successful. He also knows how to run a team and knows all his looks when executing a set play, he is another coach on the floor.
Brayon Freeman who can been classified as an assassin when it comes to shooting the ball has added both the mid-range component and is pressing the paint after putting it on the carpet and is finishing with the best of them  - making him a tremendously hard cover when he utilizes all these aspects of his game.  Freeman is simply a smooth shot maker that plays under control. He reads the defense well when attacking off on ball screens and probes with his penetration waiting to take advantage of defensive miscues. What we really like is his dedication and ability to defend both guard positions on the other end.
In true DMV Preps form we can show you better than we can tell; check out the exclusive "Lil Genius" and Brayon Freeman Mixtape just released!!!!


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