Friday, February 19, 2016

And Still #1 Zion Harmon dominates the HS Level, Quiets Critics, & Makes National Statement

A lot of ignorant individuals in the past have questioned the viability of certain players; citing the validity of rankings, development, program, coaching style, height, size – one of the biggest victims of this circumstance is local product Zion Harmon.

Harmon who decided to get away from the “noise” and detractors and peruse options outside of the DMV area – as a 7th grader he has been competing on the varsity level this year in Antioch, Tennessee at Lighthouse Christian Academy.  Playing a national schedule against varsity level competition and acclimating early to the rigors of varsity play, Harmon has had to date a truly sensational season averaging 17ppg, 3 assist, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals for a 19-6 squad.

So many questioned the young guards national status, debated his age, and on many occasion reported that his exploits that have turned him into a Youtube Sensation would not translate to the high school level.  Well, all those so call experts can officially leave evaluation and analysis to the professionals as Zion Harmon has clearly made the leap showing the ability to get the job done. Was it ignorance or hate? Who knows but whatever it was there is buffet of words to eat for many in the area – kudos to the player and his family for not allowing anyone or anything to dictate his path to success and development.

So even in the midst of this article, I am sure that someone has already questioned the location, the level of play, the competition (ignorance is often bliss) – Harmon’s average 31ppg in his last three games continuing a recent trend.  So, 31ppg you say is nothing against who?  Well the first of his three game exploit, which was followed by a 27 and 34 point game, was against LaLumiere ranked as high as # 3 in the country this year and known annually as a national powerhouse producing multiple high major college and NBA players each year and Harmon didn’t blink dropping to that point his season high of 33-points only to be broken less than a week later with a 34-point game.

Bottom-line is that many in this area and others with never ever play against a team ranked #3 in the country and/or the caliber of program or players found at LaLumiere and for a 5’5 PG from the DMV who so many said never would  already has….in the 7th grade.  If it can be believed it can be achieved and allowing this to be an example of what hard work and dedication can produce even at a young age at the highest level many eyes should be opened and now many mouths should be shut.  Honor the local product by giving him the respect that he deserve, but if you don’t, it not a problem he will more that surely be willing to come and take it.  The DMV has not rid themselves of the National Phenom; rumor has him returning potentially for HS, maybe them it will be a forgone conclusion that he is more than capable; but likely at that point folks will question his college possibilities…DMV Preps wouldn’t bet against this kid with somebody else money.

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