Monday, September 5, 2016

They call him “Valentine’s Day” 'Cause he takes the Oppositions Heart

Anthony “Ace” Valentine is perhaps one the best natural athletes in the class 2023; an AAU National Champion and record holder in track - He is definitely one of the most athletic point guard in the class. He is in the conversation as the fastest guard in America from end line to end line with the ball. 

He has tremendous size and his athletic ability for the lead guard position. Offensively he is best as a slasher. In space he is IMPOSSIBLE for one man to keep him out of the lane. His size, speed, handle and athletic ability are too much for any 6th grade school player. He has the ability to go left or right (he is best going right) and can finish in the paint or create for a teammate. He is a good and creative passer and has improved his decision making a lot over the last year.

He mechanically compact with a solid quick release and stoke. He has range to 20 feet."Ace" is a very good rebounder for his position in his class; he really elevated his game scoring in bunches and taking over games for stretches in the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp where he was named to the Top 20 All-Star team.  He was equally solid in the Middle School All-American game with 4-points, and 3-rebounds.

Having played up one to two grade levels exclusively the past few years it took a moment for him to get a “feel” – but once he did he very quickly knew and in turn went out and proved he is one of the country top players.  He left no doubt notching a few 20+-point outing against the top of the food chain in the class of 2023.

Defensively he has the ability to be elite and requires equal focus on this aspect, but he has the tools – he is better off the ball where is excellent in the passing lanes; he has to make sure he doesn’t gamble too much though. His tools should enable him to be an excellent defender in the future.  “Valentine’s Day” has a solid basketball IQ and possesses some great leadership tools that his competitive sprite must be separated from for the proper effect.  At the end of the day “Ace” is a special player who will be a pillar in the area and a constant in the national conversation moving forward.

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