Monday, September 5, 2016

Premier Player Mike Sumner Adds to Already Impressive Resume

Michael Sumner is a young man who thrives on competition as he brings it every time he steps onto the court. Sumner has added some serious explosion to his game and capable of scoring almost at anytime from anywhere on the floor and he has the confidence to back it up. He is finishing with authority at the rim off the deck and off the alley.  

Sumner looked phenomenal in the transition game and exceled in the fast tempo atmosphere of the CFC; he has the ability to be dominant in this area. St. Mary’s Ryken is quietly building a powerhouse down in Waldof, Md. with the addition of Sumner to a talented young core which includes 2015 Coach Francis Classic participant Mahki Long.  

Mike continues to show great range on his jumper out to 23-24 feet which has been a staple of his game for years. He elevates into his shot with power and likes to take a rhythm dribble before he launches his deep 3pointer.He is also deadly with a catch/shoot 3pointer. 

The dribble drive is done with a quick first step and a little shake and bake; as he gets in the paint easily and powers over or spins around defenders. At 6’3 Sumner is a big time scoring guard who finishes his drives with excellent body control athletic ability and toughness. 

Recently he has displayed a pull-up jumper which when utilize really enhances his overall offensive game, because he shoots deep 3's or gets to the rim with regularity. Defensively, Sumner can be a tremendous on ball defender. He gets down low and wide in his stance, and possesses good lateral quickness. He can put pressure on the dribbler and still not allow him penetration by his foot speed, strength and strong will.

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