Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Jalen Curtis One of the Best Long Term Investments in the DMV

Jalen Curtis we strongly believe will max out in the 6’6/6’7 range; his development is aided heavily by Curtis knowing what he is and isn’t on the floor.  We evaluate Jalen with the ceiling not the floor in mind, looking at his long range development begins with charting his trajectory over several years – given that it can easily be stated that by the time his class graduates

Jalen very well could be in the discussion as one of the best in the DMV; he is that talented, has that level of character and quality as a young man, and his work ethic is clear as it has translated successfully showing constant and consistent improvement. 

Jalen is most effective playing in a up tempo style, he finishes well in transition and is a willing facilitator.  We like his dexterity his ability to shift his hips; he is capable mutli-position defender who has a solid knowledge of the game.  You can tell the kid has been coached on and off the court.  He is capable from 15 to 18 can put the pill on the deck and has begun to assert himself offensively and is maybe even more impactful on the defensive end where he also gets his share of blocks.  The future is bright for Jalen and we can’t wait to see him shine.

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