Monday, March 2, 2015

DMV Preps Karim Coulibaly: The New Beast of the Beltway

We witnessed the future of DMV Basketball this weekend as we stepped into the gym to evaluate a name that has been the talk of the town since his arrival – Karim Coulibaly.   The French speaking Mali Native, who stands 6’8” 220lbs is THE DMV’s  8th grade super prospect with a solid sleek lengthy build making him one of the most impressive specimens we have seen in some time. 

The statement that Caulibaly is far from a finished product takes all new meaning with this player – this is a phase typically used on players whose upsides and potential outweigh their current status as a player on the court.  In instances where a player is dominant and excelling on a high elite level with physical tools and a skill set having such a high ceiling means tremendous opportunity for the player at the next level.

Karim Coulibaly is one of those unique prospects who has immense talent combined with a huge growth trajectory that makes him a candidate for a high major institution after high school and possibly more. 

What We Saw

We noted a very strong back-to-the-basket offensive skill package including an effective face-up and post-up game.  Karim showed the talent to shoot with either hand and was caught the ball well on the move showing excellent hands.  He displayed the ability to the handle the ball in transition and in traffic – and seeing him as lane or basket runner is a scary site and will be for the next 4-years at the high school level.  We like his ability to catch and maneuver in traffic and noted impressive continuity in his employment of high quality well-drilled footwork and actual low post moves.  His game is well refined and is nowhere near bully ball; though he showed strength and toughness which are must haves at the next level.  Put up very solid scoring numbers and did it from all over the floor; worked well off the block – but also displayed great mechanic and shooting technique, including solid free throw shooting.

Final Analysis

Currently the No. 4-rated player in the DMV but potential wise could easily be listed at the No. 1 spot is the very definition of the ultimate court warrior.  Coulibaly has the ability to play multiple positions and we believe he has the fast-twitch package to even possibly play a wing-forward position even though he is currently being groomed in the Chris Bosh mold.  His arm span and leaping ability make him a game changer as a shot-blocker.  He can also control both boards, with different jumping methods (vertical, timing, and sheer strength) and understands the value of positioning to get the ball outside of his rebounding zone.  As previously stated he is producing solid offensive scoring numbers, but is still developing offensively.  Under the tutelage of Taj Hawkins the import is progressing excellently and he picking up the English language very quickly.  Playing for the New World 8th grade group he displays attributes of being a phenomenal teammate staying engage on and off the court as well as being respectful to his opponents. 

The kid at the end of the day is flat out special and whoever is lucky enough to win the lottery for his services will likely have a 4-year varsity candidate.  Stay tuned later this week for our initial high school commitment update of which Coulibaly will be one of the hot topics.

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