Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DMV’s Best & Brightest Make High School Selections

One of the most exciting times for area players and parents in the realization of a goal; the natural progression for the elite level middle school player is the migration to the high school level – the players listed below have all excelled at the middle school and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor with their acceptance and selection to high school programs.

Remembering that success is not only defined on the basketball court but also in the classroom, the programs listed below denote not only high athletics standards, but also academics prowess.  These players were not only selected for their basketball ability but had to go through a battery of test and review that included a review of their academic history and transcripts.  For younger players who dream of playing at some of the institutions listed below; remember that academics always come first.

This is simply another step in the process of the ultimate goal of obtaining a free education at the college level.  Whereas this is a tremendous mile stone that we all must pause for and congratulate - the road only get tougher the work harder.  All players must stay in the gym as the game and level of play will continue to become more challenging.     

Many players will develop at the high school level that are not listed below and the inclusion or non-inclusion does not have any guarantee on future success or failure.  In the end all players are winners simply for playing the game.  

Yet there is one indicator for the detractors of player rankings and evaluations and that is the documented track record provided by those that provide player analysis for DMV Preps.  Using the current freshman class of 2018 please be advised that out the Top 30 Players listed over 70% played and competed on the varsity level as freshmen.  Not matter your position on the validity of play rankings – a 70% accuracy rate which we anticipate to improve upon in the class of 2019 can’t be debated.

On behalf of DMV Preps our entire staff wishes to congratulate and wish the best to the entire 8th grade class of 2019 – remembering always that it is never where you start but always where you finish.  Top players keep working and those wishing to reach the top keep working; your biggest dreams will always be within your grasp!  

Tre Woods (St. John's High School) Rated Top 10 in Class of 2018 played varsity as a freshman

Rank Name Anticipated High School Height

1 Sharif Kenney  Bishop O'Connell 6'5
2 Justin Moore  Dematha 6'1
3 Makhi Mitchell Bishop McNamara 6'8
4 Marvin Price  Poly 6'4
5 Karim Coulibaly Uncommitted  6'8
6 Mahkel Mitchell Bishop McNamara 6'8
7 James Bishop  Mt. St. Joe's 6'1
8 Anthony Harris  Paul the VI 6'2
9 Christian DePollar St. Stephens/St. Agnes 6'4
10 Johnathan McGriff Bishop McNamara 5'8
11 Gerard Mungo Good Counsel  6'0
12 Albert Jackson  Mt. St. Joe's 6'3
13 Tyrese Jenkins  St. Bendictine 6'6
14 Malik Anderson St Mary's Rykan  6'0
15 Jay Heath Bishop O'Connell 6'1
16 Logan Curtis  Calvert Hall 6'2
17 CJ Amsellem   Good Counsel  6'7
18 Che Evans  Reclassifying  6'5
19 Jason Murphy Chapelgate Prep 6'7
20 Evan Buckley Stone Ridge  6'0
21 Jalen Abbott St. Johns 6'3
22 Jordan Hairston Bishop O'Connell 5'9
23 Josh Watts Gonzaga 6'4
24 BJ Joyner Bishop McNamara 6'6
25 Kevin Ayissi-Etoh Wooten 6'2
26 Cartsen Kogelnik Dematha 6'3
27 Casey Morsell St. John's 5'11
28 Mehki Long St Mary's Rykan  6'3
29 Christphere Margarites Good Counsel  6'2
30 Jahmir Young  St Mary's Rykan  5'9
31 Joquan Johnson Bishop Ireton  6'3
32 Seigfried "Ziggy" Reid St. Paul's 6'4
33 Bobby Carson Jr. Dematha 6'4
34 Garrett Kirkland Good Counsel  5'10
35 Cole Matthiesen St. Albans  6'4
36 Ethan Lynch  Bishop Ireton  5'11
37 Jamel Melvin Dematha 6'10
38 Jason Gibson Sidwell Friends  5'8
39 Heru Bligin Uncommitted  5'9
40 Will Thomas  St. Frances  6'2
41 Ryan Marshall Mt. St. Joe's 6'3
42 Jaylen Alston Riverdale Baptist 6'3
43 Jordan Miller Good Counsel  5'11
44 Al Keys  Howard County Public  5'8
45 Deandre Williams  Concordia Prep 6'6
46 Anwar Gill Gonzaga 6'2
47 Justice Ellison  Bishop O'Connell 5'7
48 EJ Jarvis Maret 6'7
49 Jaylen Wiggins Dulany Senior High 5'9
50 Mahki Hopkins Pallotti 6'3

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