Monday, April 27, 2015

DMV Preps - NYBL Session II (2019) Weekend Update


The New World basketball program continues to represent the DMV well in its travels; bringing a winning tradition to their name and the area.  New World 2019 returned from a solid weekend in the NYBL’s second session in Richmond, Va.  going 4-1 bringing their overall record to 9-1 placing the team in a tie for first place in the league.   

The coaching staff at New World has done a phenomenal job in regards to player development over the last year and the improvement of the individual players is clear and apparent.  The initial roster without question boasted immense talent and vast potential in specific players.  Watching the players improve and other come into their own as they prepare for the next level is what is right with youth basketball in the DC Metropolitan area – this is a group that is doing things the right way and it is reflective on the court and the results therein program at multiple age groups.

Jay Heath
Malik Anderson
Malik Anderson and Jay Heath operated with fluidity and have formed one of the most talented wing combinations in the NYBL – Anderson has played next level lock down defense, while showing creativity in the paint finishing with both hands.  He scored from all 3 levels and brought a high level of intensity to each possession on both ends of the court.  Jay Heath continued to put up some very impressive scoring totals in Session II – and has done so in impressive fashion.  We like his ability to allow his defense to dictate his offense and to get off within the flow of the offense without isolation sets.  We see him thinking the game, using the various cuts to establish consistent looks which he is taking advantage when given the opportunity.    He is playing the game unselfishly yet is still one of the top scorers in the league.  

Karim Couliby continues to impress; no longer a surprise teams are game planning and gearing up to stop him – what does he do?  He shows the ability to hit cutters and spot-up shooters off the post catch even on the weak and backside.  With guards like Anderson and Heath and a contingent of spot up shooters this skill set is invaluable and frankly skills that many post players haven’t developed even at the highest level.  Karim still put up solid numbers as was able to step outside and knockdown shots forcing the defense to respond to him even on the perimeter.  


James Bishop

James Bishop is taking this team to a whole other stratosphere; his scoring ability is quickly reaching legendary status.  Battling one of the top point guards in the country EJ ‘The Nasty Truth’ Jackson, Bishop took over the game and the stage in a 32-point performance and victory over the current #2 ranked team in the country.  The Finest who find themselves in contention for the regular season title returning to the DMV 8-2 and in 2nd place in the league with a guard like “Buckets” Bishop they cannot be counted out of any game or title.

His running mate Logan Curtis has also impressed and continues to make an impact for the team and the league; he has put up solid numbers and has been very efficient with his looks while also making big time contributions  on the defensive end.


Quietly flying under the radar the Montgomery County based group has amassed a 7-3 record and remain in contention.  6’7 CJ Amsellum is the guy for this group, he can catch and shoot, shows very soft hands, as well operate of the block with the ability to score over either shoulder; he may have one of the most intriguing upsides in the area  and they have surrounded him with shooters Christopher Margarites who continues to prove he is much more than a shooter as he is putting the ball on the floor with confidence - add slashers Albert Jackson who can also knock it down from distance and Jordan Miller who is also easily one of the most intense defenders anywhere.  After a close 5-point win in their first game, the Playmakers put together two dominating performances before falling to a very tough Butler Elite team 38-23.  


Che Evans

Taking the floor for the first time as a group; the Baltimore outfit jumped right into the fire and responded well.  Led by 6’5 WF Che Evans scored in every way imaginable while facilitating and setting up his teammates for easy baskets.  Any question regarding Evans ability to play on the highest level where asked and answered as he proved to be a bigtime talent and game changer.  Showed triple double potential and all the scouting services in the building took notice.  

Zion Harmon

Zion Harmon, who officially answered any questions confirming his alliance with the Melo organization; looked great in the backcourt and made the game easier for his teammates.  Was just as effective at this level; possibly more as his IQ and generalship were more apparent battled with EJ Jackson and no one in the gym would have known that he was 2-years his junior dropping 15-points and 7 helpers.

Mahki Long

Mahki Long who competed in the league last year returned and didn’t miss a beat, the 6’4 Guard knocked down jumpers from all over the court and was especially impressive in the mid-range and in transition.  Long’s scoring versatility is impressive both in the half-court and in transition and he plays the game on both ends – he defended and he boarded against the nation’s best teams and players. 

Nate Lemons

Nate Lemons 6’7 center/forward blocked multiple shots and controlled the backboards in debut with the program.  A dedicated defender he was excellent both on the ball and on help side.  Look excellent in transition and moved very well for a man hi size.  Huge hands and a size 16 shoe makes him and his upside huge, combine that with an exceptional frame Lemon’s ceiling is high.  He made the most of his opportunity as you saw improvement with each passing quarter and game.  

Bobby Carson, also came out for the first time and contributed in many facets – his potential is clear and he showed the ability to do numerous things around the basket and in the mid-range. Rahim Dante Ali (Rah-Rah) played a solid floor game, scored when needed, and showed the leadership and generalship required to be an elite lead guard.

Cam Byers

Cam Byers gave a little double duty playing both 2019 & 2020 and is quickly becoming a dominant force at both 2019 & 2020; having added a very impressive face up game to his power skill set.  Byers is doing if from all over the front court and this includes being effective with the jumper from 12-15 feet; putting the ball on the floor and finishing, while still making a strong impact on the back board.  The finesse aspect that Byers has added has him on the verge of being almost impossible stop he now has the ability to carry a team for extended stretches.  

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