Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DMV Preps - NYBL Session II (2020) Weekend Update

023 Feet (5-5)

This talented group out of the Northern Va. plays the game the right way; and consequently they are in every game that they compete in.  Seeing their growth and development since the beginning of the year has been magical – the teamwork and comradery make this group special.  After a 3-2 start in the Session I; again a weekend filled with barn burners – 023 Feet arrived in Richmond to take on the meat of their league schedule.  Again the group performed admirable; beating the Brampton Warriors 67-55 and then followed that up with a 49-47 win over Canada Drive out of Burlington, Canada – Isaiah Folks was responsible for knocking down the game winning trey ball with seconds left proving the old adage of big time players make big time shots in big time game.

After a 2-0 start 023 Feet ran into some very tough competition but played them all well and close – often holding leads late into the second half; but fell to the West Coast All Stars, San Diego Select, & Oakland Soldiers.  

Josiah Hardy
Josiah Hardy is quietly becoming a very efficient and versatile combo-forward; possessing excellent length and underrated athletic ability.  He guarded some of the top players in the county this past weekend and he often got the best of them – blocking shots and finishing on the other end.  Hardy utilizes the mid-range area effectively and is exceptional at doing so; he never gives up on a play and is one of the headiest high IQ players that you will find.  

Chuck Harris

Check Harris continues to get the job done and caused opponents problems in space as he attacked from all 3 levels as well as working often as the squads primary ball-handler.Harris showed a very mature game as well as the ability to make significant contributions within the context of the offense.  Much more than a scorer Harris still takes over the game in this capacity for his team ~ but his leadership may be just as powerful to the team as he does anything he can to help his team win.  Isiah Folks handle the ball-well and was under constant pressure; but handled it well running the team and keeping them close.  

023 Feet must continue to be watched; as they have the talent and ability to beat any team on any given day.  Expect a deep play-off run and a solid Session III from the special group. 

Team Melo “Terror Squad” (9-1)

Terror Squad returns to the DMV after a 4-1 weekend and sit one game out of first place at 9-1 after losing game one of the weekend 64-58 after shooting a miserable 12 for 26 from the charity stripe.  In the bigtime match-up against the West Coast Stars the Cameron Byers v Jason Harris match-up was impressive and lived up to the hype as the Melo bigman showed why he is quickly becoming one of the top front court players in the country.  His improved face-up game and the teams understanding of the value of a certified interior threat has allowed him to show well all weekend long.  His blockmate Montez McNeil battled foul trouble against WCA but put on show the remainder of the weekend has he displayed a soft touch from the baseline, performed admirably in transition, and defended with passion.  Now a formidable two way performer McNeil’s continued growth is key to the team’s success – he dominated for stretches on the boards and changed a ton of shots, consistency is the key word for the McNeil equation. 

Jeremy Roach                                                      Montez McNeil

Tyler Brelsford had back to back 10-point outings and played a solid floor game before going to an ankle injury which kept him out of the last 3 games of the weekend.  Stepping in with flair; Jeremy Roach was productive and put up some very impressive point totals – one of the most efficient offensive players in the class he didn’t need volume as he picked and made the most of his opportunities.   Playing a significant amount of lead guard he proved his value and versatility setting up all his guys in great scoring position.  Roach has a very high IQ which allows him to put constant pressure on the defense when the ball is in his hand.  Ryan Conway the consummate knockdown shooter did that and more playing some great on the ball defense, impacting with some bigtime finishes in the paint – but wow the crowed with his passing as he dropped some very impressive dimes off penetration and run outs as he must be honored anywhere on the court.

A.J. Hoggard

AJ Hoggard continued to put up big scoring numbers; adding versatility to game by taking smaller guards to the block and punishing them – the mastery of this aspect clearly will take his game to another level.  When he’s dishing the rock his scoring actually become harder to stop as he has taken on the 21st century PG role ~ when he incorporates a little Stockton & Magic into his game you very well could be looking at the best of the best at his position.  Jordan Toles continued to add to his highlight reel, but doing it in a much different manner actually showing some impressive consistency in performing at a high level at different speeds.  Toles picked his spots and shot an even great percentage as he looked to set up his teammates – with the attention he drew it led to a lot of easier buckets; while at the same time Jordan become harder to guard as he dropped buckets at the tin while owning the mid-range area.  Considered  by many to be one of the best in the class – Toles has the wherewithal to be the country’s best perimeter defender, this could be the difference in a championship run for Team Melo.

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