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DMV Preps - NYBL Session II (2021) Weekend Update

NEW WORLD (10-0)

New World AKA “The Lynch Mob” continues to roll and currently there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.  The closest game in league play for the talented bunch has been 8-points; all other wins have been by double figures and they are currently taking out opponent by an average of 20.5 ppg.   

The catalyst for their success has been New Worlds All World wing Jalen Hall; Hall has been the truth, the whole, truth and nothing but the truth all season long in the NYBL.  The athletic guard continues to prove that he can hit the jumper from the mid-range and from behind the arc off the catch and with a couple rhythm dribbles. He excels on the break by running the floor and in the half court he likes to use the crossover and can finish with either hand.  Hall has figured out at a very young age something that many elite players have yet to understand; Hall will continue to go to the well with the same move until you stop it – often you won’t; but he will not let you off the hook by shooting jumpers for style points when you haven’t prevented him from shooting a lay-up – amazing thought process isn’t it?  Watch other players and you will appreciate Hall even more.  

Brayon Freeman is the perfect count to Hall as he operates as a flat out knock down shooter who is quickly becoming a problem as well taking the ball to the rack.  Freeman can score the basketball. He is improving each time we see him his one-on-one skill set and has shown a special ability to make tough shots. He scores in a variety of different and he is starting to stretch out a bit which will only help his development.     

Ariel Goddot is imposing athletically and a physical presence that combines size, length, an frame tailor made for growth; he should have no issues adding muscle mass, and he already operates with an exceptionally good motor. Has great hands, a willingness to go right into contact, and we like his  poise with his back to the basket and the demeanor with which he plays the game.   

Elijah Hawkins the makes all this go; with all these tools at his disposal he is a kids in candy store – with the experience and savvy of a cagey veteran Hawkins get the ball where its supposed to be when its supposed to be there.  Combined with his penetration and ability to knock down the shot from distance he is the straw that stirs a very tasty or bitter drink depending on who has to consume it.


A 9-1 record would likely have you vying for first place in any league; yet with this record they are battling for supremacy not only in the NYBL but in their own market.  Dropping only game all season long TTO put on a show each time they take the floor.  Boasting a perfect combination of pieces that fit like hand and glove together – they rely on and allow their defense to dictate their offensive flow; they remain focused on the right task at hand and that task is winning.

Trevor Keels
Trevor Keels has emerged as the unquestioned leader of the team with scouts nationally taking notice of his play but more specifically his contribution.  Keels is not a shot hunter even though he puts up sensational point totals at times; rather he is a player who looks to get his within the flow of the offense and in cases where he may be the defenses primary focus he is one of the most unselfish players you will find.  Not only will he come up off the rock; he will do it with the correct read and deliver where the receiver can do something with it.  He has made is name by the diversity of his game – his willingness to do the little things, the dirty work combined with his ability to rebound and guard make him special.

Rodney Rice Jr. and Keno Lilly are the shooters who space the court making defenses pay for helping and/or busting up a zone that fails to rotate quickly enough.  Both know how to find the gaps, boast a very quick release, and shoot it with a high percentage that defenses have to account for.  Both Rice and Liilly work the use dribble penetration to set up their teammates and each other; they are committed on defense and make it hard to focus on other players.

             Keno Lilly                                              Darius Johsnon                                                Trey Thomas                         
Darius Johnson and Trey Thomas; are two very different players that allow TTO to attack with multiple looks.  Johnson is more your traditional lead guard, setting the offense making the reads, keeping the spacing and looking for his spots to attack which he does with a great deal of efficiency – his frame allows him to absorb contact and finish or put defenders on his hip while he surveys a situation.  Thomas is your slasher and will attack you off the bounce with impunity he has a mean streak and plays the game with a bag of chips on his shoulder.  He is phenomenal in a transition situation and does some magical things with the ball in those instances.  He is very tough to deal with in space and has shot you must honor.  When all these guys are on the floor at the same time it’s a pick your poison situation; to date only one team has figured out how to deal with this talented bunch.


Love watching this team compete – they have taken on the personality of the its coach and coaching staff.  They will not accept anything less than 100% and often time they get that and some.  This is a team you can count on to go after the 50/50 balls, get a ton of deflections, and to press the paint relentlessly.  The Finest play like they have something to prove; and in fact are proving to the area and the rest of the country that they belong in consideration and mention with the top teams; their 8-2 record is the documentation that beats any conversation.

Ahmad Harrison could score 20-points every time out, as the Finest run a lot of their stuff via the talented wing; with great length and a tool chest of skills that he can access at any time he simply looks to make the game easier for his teammates and to take advantage of high percentage opportunities for himself.  Harrison is another coach on the floor and brings a calmness to the hell raising style of BMF.  

Ahmad Harrison

The primary benefactor of Harrison’s style of play is Christian Moore who is proving to be a bona-fide elite level scorer; always in attack mode he love running the lane and can both finish in the paint as well as the knocking down the pull-up in traffic as well as in the half court off the catch and the bounce.  Like any good scorer Moore is adept at getting to the charity stripe where he is a solid percentage and volume guy – Moore has brought in to the defensive concept and is becoming a more complete player each time we see him.  Rayuan Lane is the heart and soul of the squad and pound for pound may be the tough kid in the league; he has more heart than a little bit and he involves himself into every play that he can making a difference and impact often simply by being the hardest worker on the floor.

Chris Winborne
Chris Winborne is the space maker giving everyone room to operate with his jump shooting and three point ability. Winborne can also handle ball-handling duties his versatility makes him hard to game plan for and he has a natural knack for getting the ball in the basket.  Another guard who can absorb contact and take a pounding; he is especially effective on the baseline where he can hurt in a variety of ways.  Long term the best of the bunch may be Julian Reese – he continues to grow both physically and in basketball terms; he has a frame that you can see developing into something special and he can impact the game already on the boards and as shot blocker as we see him alter even more than he sends back.


Jake Koverman
The team has been a few dog fights and frankly are closer to being 7-3 or 8-2 than you might think.  Having played the entire season without their starting PG we have seen the growth and development of such players as Barry Evans; versatile point forward who can handle and score it.  Jake Koverman has transitioned to the wing and is growing more comfortable putting the ball on the floor to finish –the catch and shoot aspect looks good and only requires more opportunity.  AJ Thomas is flourishing as a young 2021 kid who will be moving to his true age group next year putting him likely into a top 5 position locally.  The top scorer Jalen Smith has consistently been rated tops in the nation and has done nothing to dispel that rating.  With a solid 3rd session this group can be poised to make some noise during the playoff session.


Jalen Miller
Jalen Miller is the man and as he goes so the does the team; anyone who knows basketball knows the kid has the goods and get the job done on the highest level – he is proving that nationally through the first two sessions.  His running mate is William Margarites and they have the making of something special as a back court with the proper support around them.  Margarites can stoke it and handle it and has excellent court vision.  He is fundamentally sound but still plays with a flair to his game – he goes to the basket where he can showcase an array of finishes which will only become better as he gets bigger and stronger.   

The Playmakers are developing their weapon against the very best and it won’t be long before this group is kicking butt and taking names.

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