Tuesday, May 5, 2015

8 Eye's Future Classic All Star Game Impacted By The Presence of the DMV's Sensational 6

The 8 Eye Future Classic returned for its second rendition of its annual All-Star game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The event thrown by up and coming media guru Jamie Boyer featured in his inaugural event big names such as Nazreon Reid, Cameron Reddish, and Luther Muhammad. 

This year’s Boyer again put on a top notch and competitive event; featuring some of the top talent in the upper north east – accordingly the DMV was well represented throughout the roster and the locals represented well as they always do when tested on the hardwood.

DMV Preps would like to congratulate the following players not only for their selection but for their excellent performance.

Jordan Toles (Team Melo/Terror Squad) – Toles put on a stellar performance in route to taking home the MVP award for this squad; he finished the day with 21-points, 8-rebounds, & 3- Assist 

Cameron Byers (Team Melo/Terror Squad) –
A very clear pattern of success is being laid here; as Byers continues to achieve on a high level regardless of the situation.  Cameron put up solid numbers while carrying his team for stretches he tallied 14- points and 7-rebounds

Zion Harmon (Team Melo/Terror Squad) –
The only 6th grader in the event Harmon shook off a sluggish start to jump start his team comeback run; he again showed that he is built for events such as this – he end the day with 12-points and 7 Helpers 

James Bishop (Bmore’s Finest) -
“Buckets” Bishop found his spots and took advantage of them; he probed the perimeter and sliced through the lane making some tough buckets; he impressed with his ball-handling as well as his passing

Marvin Price (DC Premier) –
Price showed the array of skill that has made him a local star; he put the ball on the floor, he knocked it down from distance and finished in traffic getting to the line where he sealed the deal as per usual 

Johnathan McGriff (Team Takeover) –
The magician showed off the ball-handling he has been known for, preferred to set up rather than get shots up.  He got to where he wanted to on the court and showed solid vision in making things happen for his squad

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  1. There's something immediately dignified about this event space NYC - it is beautifully designed, tasteful, and understated. Went to this comfy place recently, just the right temperature, good food and great experience.