Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pat the Roc Training Academy - The Secret Weapon of the DMV’s Most Elite Players

For players and parents that are truly serious about the game of basketball and competing on the highest and most elite level of play there are specific processes that should be followed as it relates to training and development.  Patrick ‘Pat the Rock” Robinson has applied his innovative approach and combination of basketball skills training, strength and conditioning training, and mental conditioning to assist in the building and proliferation of  several of the NBA, WNBA, and collegian players of various level including many high major D1 guys.

Seeing the Pat the Roc’s training environment it is clear that his training system could greatly benefit players of all ages who have the desire to improve. With that statement and with our staff having seen and worked with many of the top trainers nationally, it is clear that right here in the in the DMV, The Pat the Roc Training Academy must immediately be considered a major force and leader in the player development world. Players, coaches, trainers, and teams from around the area and the world should look to Patrick Robinson for guidance in player development and overall team building and preparation. 

In recent months the facility has grown, knocking down walls and bringing in a multitude of training tool to stay on the cutting edge and ahead of the industry.  Attending multiple session which start at roughly 5pm weekdays in Rockville, Maryland and runs on some nights to as late at 10pm – with tools such as shooting machines, bikes, core balls, heavy tires and ropes, verta-maxes, band training mechanisms.  Everything is done with the ball in the hands of the players and creates a marriage of growth and development that is unmatched in the area in a single facility or without bringing in outside personnel.

Understand putting your team affiliation and relationships aside, right here in this area and accessible to anyone who want to work is a program that has produced NBA & WNBA draft picks; lottery picks, NBA All Stars, collegiate and high school all-Americans, and international stars.  On any given night you may have males/females high school/college and/or pro players in the gym performing the same workout under the skillful eye and toot ledge of Pat the Roc.

Chris Powers the former starting point guard for the Michigan State Lady Spartans and Einstein High School graduate now has her daughter attending Pat the Roc.  Hearing of his services on a trip to Florida she and he daughter have fallen in love with the facility and the training experience – Powers knowing what it takes and what it looks like to be able to play at the highest D1 level swears by Patrick, his training techniques, and facility.   

Mike Harmon, Coach and Father of the nation’s #1 6th grader in the country Zion Harmon exclaimed, “Pat the Roc is one of the few trainings in the country that I can totally trust and turn over my sons development to” further he stated “ the diversity of work within they undergo in a single session allows my son to be challenged; and to ultimately become a better player – my son requires a high level of intensity and skill work and Pat the Roc provides that and more; in working with Pat the Roc it was a easy choice in making Pat the Roc the exclusive and Official Trainer of Zion”.

"Pat the ROC aka Patrick Robinson is my favorite trainer, he has helped me develop my handle until I can use the term " Handles on ice", I also love working out with him because of the music playing and the vertimax with all the shots we get up, Pat is my official trainer" ~ Zion Harmon

Patrick Robinson is a local product who is “paying it forward” right in his own back yard; born & raised in Prince Frederick, Md.  he's become known in many circles as the “world’s best ball-handler” – he attended Patuxent High School and by what Robinson called a summer of non-stop work from 6am to 11pm daily he was able to prepare himself for an offer he received from Cincinnati University a top 10 program at the time. 

 He was cut twice from that team and adopted the saying of A.I.P “Anything Is Possible” in the process  which led him to becoming the youngest player ever to play w/ the world famous Harlem Globetrotters.   

After leaving them he went on to achieve many exciting basketball related opportunities such as playing in the NBA Celebrity game, traveling to 25 countries, playing 5 years on the AND 1 Mixtape tour, and being a character in a Playstation game and two movies.  Pat the Roc has used basketball and not allowed basketball to use him - now he is giving back teaching the players of tomorrow what it takes to achieve on the highest levels of the game.  

 Players from the DMV should take advantage of having Pat the Roc here in the area; as many players  traveling from various places throughout the world already are!  Having this resource in your backyard and not using it is a mistake no serious player should make.

Find out more about Pat the Roc by visiting his website at www.pattherocacademy.com , calling 301.338.8063 or just drop in for a work out at 601 Dover Rd., Rockville, Md. this is a DMV Preps endorsed training facility and one you will not be disappointed in being part of.

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