Thursday, August 13, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - Metro Prep Basketball Open For Business

Reports came in early this morning that two major youth programs in the DMV have merged and will be operating under the name Metro Prep Basketball - creating one of the vastest networked organizations in the area.  While the specifics are still being investigated the definitive facts are clear; the Montgomery Country based Maryland Playmakers who currently represent per their website 16 teams in the classes of 2026-2019 will  reportedly merge with the large majority of the middle and grammar school teams from the Baltimore Finest umbrella.  Under Dobbins leadership the highly decorated bunch will look to continue its winning ways moving forward.

Whereas the Finest will still operate at the high school level, they have been stripped of their middle and grammar school operations personnel as well as their stable of player/teams; many of which finished admirable this year on the tournament circuit, NYBL, and AAU National level.

Rumored to have been in discussion for an extended period of time; a group led by BMF’s Donnell “Mookie” Dobbins and MDPM Program Director Kendall Miller will begin operations "effective immediately".  The collaboration actually will span the entire capital beltway bridging the gap between Baltimore, Montgomery, PG, and Northern Virginia – establishing the brands footprint as one of the area’s largest.  

If the infrastructure can handle the operational logistics this immediately becomes a group that must be watched even without the benefit of a formal circuit contract.  The is the 2nd major merger in less than a week with Bump & Run merging with the DC Blue Devils  to compete on the Under Armor Circuit. This year unconfirmed reports are that corporate sponsorship from various private sector and Fortune 500 companies will fuel the movement of the Maryland Prep Basketball organization. 

With a very aggressive approach already to recruiting and landscape; Metro Prep Basketball is looking to make an immediate impact on the market as well as nationally with the intent ultimately of making its way onto one of the major shoe circuits.

There are still many more happenings in the area with respect to mergers and collaborations with no less than two more major program creations.  Whereas the market is laden with talent with the creation of these additional programs competition will be fierce and loyalties tested.

Congratulations to Coach Donnell “Mookie” Dobbins and Director Kendall Miller for putting egos aside to create a viable and competitive product – their move makes a big statement and sets and example that it doesn’t matter where you are from when it comes to working together for a greater good.

Surprised, not really – it’s just another day in DMV Basketball ~ the more things change the more they remain the same….stay tuned as there is much more to follow in a neighborhood near you!

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