Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kenny Womack Is Offically In the Building - New 2020 PG Steals Show During Spotlight Camp Weekend

Point guard Kenneth Womack arrived on the scene with a bang and will immediately impact the hierarchy in the 2020 class both locally and nationally.  Womack plays with aggressiveness and is one of the more compact and stronger guards specifically in the arms and shoulders.  Womack loves to go left off the dribble and if allowed to is unstoppable in an one on one situation. He showed exceptional leadership qualities off the bat as he interacted with the top players in the country often leading by example.

 Womack was most dangerous in the open court as he probed the defense, found open targets accurately, or finished himself – working himself all the way to the glass but also showing some impressive and efficient shot-making ability in the middle game, with the floater and the pull-up.  Womack also knocked down the tray ball of the catch and we rarely saw even in a camp environment the heady guard take a bad shot.  Maturity, IQ, pace, and vision we all positive attributes we saw from Womack throughout the weekend.

Kenneth exhibited the characteristics of a top flight floor general and did a good job of running the team and being productive on a consistent basis on both days playing with a high level group – he found his spots and made the most of his opportunities. He has excellent point guard instincts and is a good decision maker.  Long arms Womack is a underrated athlete, he is a terrific ball handler and passer and is ready for the biggest and brightest stages the class of 2020 has to offer.

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