Friday, August 28, 2015

Darius Tilghman and Gionn Swann Fresh Faces Going Places

2021- Darius Tilghman                                                                  2022 - Gionn Swann

Two players arrived at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp with something to prove and each made a major statement by their play on the court. Competing against the best accumulation of talent in the country Darius Tilghman and Gionn Swann proved that they both belong in the conversation.  The discovery of new talent and acknowledgement through their achievement on the court has long been what the DMV is about.  Each year given the proving grounds that the DMV provides players who are battle test here step onto the national scene and immediately garner the respect of their peers and evaluators.  TIlghman and Swann are two names that took their respect recently at the Discovery Sport Center in Boyds. Md.

Darius Tilghman a 2021 talent stands 6’1 and is being groomed to the play the lead guard position.  Tilghman who finished a few votes short of completing in the recent Middle School All-American game used this as motivation for an explosive and impressive showing in the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.  He's the owner of an athletic build and is wiry, ala Will Barton. His effectiveness is derived from the fact that he is capable of playing multiple positions.   

With improving quickness and speed – combined with excellent size for the position we like the foundation beign laid for him with respect to IQ and savvy for the game.   The jump shot looks better each time we see it and we noticed an ability to change speeds very well which we noticed kept many defenders off balance; the head and shoulder fakes also are examples of Tilghman being taught well and using the knowledge to tangibly on the court which is the ultimate test growth and development.  Keep an eye for this kid his best day are in front of him.

Gionn Swann, is new to the class of 2022 from the class of 2021 and his experience, quickness, and subtle swag have allowed him to make an instant impact right out the gate.  A sleek slashing point guard that has really good finishing ability and is an excellent bounce passer, a lost art by many players - Swann strikes a good balance between scoring, passing and leading by example on the court.  He has good quickness and speed with the ball in his hands, but can also run pick and roll and play with pace. He's an above average shooter to 19 feet with improving consistency as we have seen improvement over the course of several months. Good heady defender who plays passing lanes well will be one of the top lead guards in the area coming out of the Virginia portion of the DMV. 

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