Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bmore’s Finest Claim Team Teague Invitational Champion - DMV Dominance Continues in Annual Mid-West Event


Indianapolis, IN – Coming fresh off of a #3 finish at the NYBL just the week before in Ohio, Bmore’s Finest class of (2021) traveled to Indianapolis, (IN) to compete in one of the most competitive events held in the Mid-West (The Jeff Teague Invitational).

The kids from Baltimore played as well as they have all season, defeating teams from Chicago, Indiana and Kentucky in order to face the host team (Team Teague) in the championship. With Jeff Teague in attendance the Finest jumped out to a 17 point lead in the first have and never looked back.

The final score was BMF 81, Team Teague 76. This was the highest scoring game of the tournament.


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  2. These young men continue to impress. They believe in themselves, their team and their coach. They have high basketball IQs and they play tenacious, relentless defense. They always believe that they can win any game and they are fearless regardless of the size or age of their opponents. They are a joy to watch with their blue collar mentality. They earn everything they get!!!