Thursday, June 11, 2015

The DMV's Champ - Harmon Achieves Success Nationwide

The DMV has a champion of another sorts; one of the most well-traveled players in the country regardless of class is the DMV’s own Zion Harmon.  Love him or hate him is resume continues to be chalked full of wins and high level performances.  Playing up in the class of 2020 Harmon (2021) brings home with him a piece of the NYBL National Championship as part of west coast based Oakland Soldiers program.

His body of work in the NYBL this season and session was no exception as he played a primary role in the teams successful championship run; so often Harmon has been documented for his scoring exploits and prowess – epic single handed stories of teams being placed on his back and him successfully carrying them to the finish line.  Harmon's ability to fit into a team concept, act as a facilitator, and displaying a humble and dedicated nature to the ultimate team goal(s) – winning was simply proof positive throughout the Soldiers championship run this season and past weekend.
Regardless if he started, came off the bench, or otherwise his maturity, court savvy, IQ and impact were never questioned.  He was a steadying force to a potentially combustible group and he made sure from the lead guard spot that the tempo was controlled and the big dogs and egos were feed and feed well.  With Shemar Marrow and Kyrie Walker top players in the country at the age group on both wings Harmon still found his spots and his knack for hitting the timely shot in crunch time never left him.  The kid plays with ice water in his veins and gets better when the stakes are at its highest.  

Fact: Harmon can succeed and impact just as well by not being the “best player” on the court but the “best teammate” and the realization of this to those who have followed the youngster - speaks volumes about his maturity and development.  The irony is that one of the best scorers proved to so many that winning is more important than stats, team success outweighs shot attempts, and there is only one reason you play the game at its highest level and that's to win.  Harmon by definition is a winner and his focus on that most important aspect of the game is simply another in the long list of championship qualities that he possesses. 

In a national setting the DMV is well represented in all circles – kudos to all our players and teams!  

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