Thursday, June 11, 2015

Note to DMV: New World Was Who We Said They Were & Now They Are Champions #1 In Nation

 We have talked about and congratulated two of the very best teams in the DMV; finishing 2nd and 3rd in the nation respectively.  It is now time to celebrate our area champion – New World Unlimited AKA “The Lynch Mob” was noted on this very site to be the cream of the crop for the class of 2021. 

Since that proclamation they have done nothing to sway us from this position.  For those that have followed their title ridden season they value has been proven on the court.  As they entered the NYBL the stage was set and the lights were bright.  They opened the season with a 14-game win streak, falling to Team Teague in session 3 with a slightly depleted roster. 

Entering the championship session New World had the proverbial target on their backs and received the others squads best effort each time out.  True to their name, it’s a New World after last weekend as these young guns stepped onto the stage and stole the show.
The advanced to the Final 4 without truly being tested; they controlled the games and tempo throughout.  The irony of having to meet another local DMV squad in the final 4 may have been the only thing preventing an all DMV championship.  In a exciting up and down battle New World opened up the margin in the 3rd and secured the win down the stretch.
Entering the championship game pitted against S Elite out of Canada; one of the biggest teams in the league; they were not fazed continuing to play their up tempo, disruptive style.  In the end they left no doubt as to who was king of the hill or should we say world as they took home the title 49-41 and the right to call themselves the #1 team in the country.
What made the wins special as we saw star power from multiple players, the definition of team. Elijah Hawkins was heady, scored when needed, and ran the show like a cagey veteran.  Jalen Hall was who they said he was, getting anywhere at any time that he wanted and making the play that his squad needed on both ends of the floor.  Brayon Freeman made the defense pay for leaving him open, force them to honor and in turn space the floor, and rang up the score board as well with pin ball shooting while still remaining active in transition and on the break. Arial Goddot continued to show his value as he battle any and every big thrown his way, he altered shots he didn’t block, made an impact on the glass, and finished around the hoop when he had opportunities.
You can call them New World, you can call them “The Lynch Mob”, you can call them the pride of the DMV – but whatever you choose to call them; make sure you call them champions. 

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