Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Profiling Jeremy Roach - Quietly Becoming One of the Country's Most Potent Players & Hottest Names

Roach is Averaging 32.5 PPG playing at the 13U level

As the proverbial middles school season draws to a close and high school coaches have secured their incoming freshman classes; the attention and focus has slowly but surely slipped to the class of 2020 and the next potential crop of elite players in this area.

One of the most sought after players in the class overall and at his position is point guard Jeremy Roach. At the 8th grade level there is little place for players to hide; some of the most elite struggle at this level because they lack a glaring aspect to their games.  Could be the ability to play within structure as in the past they have been bigger, stronger, or more athletic.  Could be their inability to make reads and understand the nuances of the game, physical strength sometimes also becomes a factor – nevertheless as high school coach become involved and potential circuit play and access get put on the table; games are critiqued at a much higher level looking for true skill sets opposed to bully ball tactics.  The game is less about winning championships and more about positioning and creating the best opportunity for the player and family.

Roach continues to impress and position himself slowly but surely in that conversation locally and nationally.  He is arguably the most complete guard in the DMV when all aspects are considered.  Keep in mind that though he is competing against many reclassed and grade exception players as a true 13 years old Roach’s production is as good and/or better; especially when evaluating production and efficiency.  His growth trajectory vs a player 12 to 15 months his senior only takes common sense to understand that at the same time in his span Roach likely will be further ahead and thus a very attractive investment.  

"Roach is the 2020 guard I'd invest in" says the Hoop Report
Add the intangible aspects of coach ability, respect for the game, and work ethic and its easy to tell that Jeremy Roach is a star of today and super star of tomorrow – we expect a meteoric rise from Roach in the next year and beyond.  Specifically Roach has the strength, athleticism, and the knack to score from anywhere on the floor and the finishing ability to also do it in tight spaces with a multitude of finishes. When given the green light even playing one to two levels up because of his range and jump shot – free throw shooting, and overall prowess he can be a consistent 25ppg scorer easy and is clearly already one of the most natural scorers in the country, not many can make that claim and do it in ways that will translate to the next level which is the most important and key aspect.  He operates with terrific body control, has the ball on a wire, and no one dictates where he goes with the ball except for him.  He is a tough fundamental defender who has the tools to be a lock down player – he does it on both ends and is a team first guy; he checks the SCOREBOARD not the scorebook after the game and if his team has won that’s what matters most.  Roach is a winner in every way while boasting a exceptionally high GPA to go with PPG average.  Watch close as Roach projects just was well as any guard in the country – we sat down with him to ask him a few questions and see how he was wired, its time for the DMV to get what will soon be a household name in short order…Mr. Jeremy Roach Aka Colt .45, don’t let the smooth game fool ya.

-Good size
-Strong frame
-Tremendous athlete
-Can play above the rim with ease
-Changes speeds
-Great quickness in open court
-Shows sparks of intriguing court vision
-Makes some extremely creative passes at times
-Solid shooting mechanics. Makes 3-pointers with his feet set and off the dribble
-Only 13 years old

DMV Preps & Jeremy Roach Interview:

DP: So who is your favorite college or NBA player and why?
JR: Lebron James, because I like the way he passes and scores

DP: Who do you model your game after?
JR: I model my game after high school player, Antonio Blankney

DP: Who is your favorite player to compete against on the circuit?
JR: Chuck Harris, he always gives me a good challenge when we play

DP: What do you feel is your biggest strength as a player?
JR:  My biggest strength is probably scoring

DP: What is the area that you are working the hardest to improve?
JR: I want to improve on my defense because I think if Im a better defender it will make me a better basketball player.

DP: What do you want to be when you grow up
JR: An NBA player

DP: Your dream College or university?
JR: Kentucky University

DP: When you are not playing basketball what do you enjoy doing?
JR: When I’m not playing basketball I’m just hanging with my family and friends

DP: Your favorite junk food or treat?
JR: Popcorn!

DP:  Who is the most influential person in your life?
JR: The most influential people in my life are my parents because they push me to do my best all the time


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