Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DMV Domination Continues in Hot-Lanta at Exclusive Under Armour Best of the Best Camp

From Left to Right (Che Evans, Karim Couliby, Jason Murphy, Tyler Brelsford, Isaiah Todd, Marvin Price, Terrance Williams)

Atlanta, Ga. -  In an impressive show of power this past weekend the DMV loaded up a van and headed to Atlanta, Ga. to compete in the Under Amour Best of Best Camp – the invitation only event consisted of a virtual whose of who in the area.  The common theme for those receiving invites?  Their games translate and they look to be next level ready either physically and/or mentally.

The size and length rolling out of the DMV was phenomenal and consisted of what has previously been documented as the area’s top up and coming high school prospects.  This exclusive event  attracted 125 of the top middle school players not only from this area but from across the country; as they battled for a spot in the UA Middle School Elite 24 game to be held under the Brooklyn Bridge on August 22, 2015. 

Six of the seven players in attendance made the events Top 20 game and Karim Couliby received the dual honor or being name as the camps and the All-Star games  M.V.P.  In attendance at the event where the following players from the DMV:

*Karim Coulibly, (6’8, New World): Did yeoman’s work on the low block, showed an exceptional motor; no one played harder, rebounded well against like size.  Showed he wasn’t afraid to get physical – finished well and displayed a phenomenal skill set even putting the ball the floor on several occasion but was at his very best finding and hitting the outlet man and then filling the lane.  Above average passing skills also highlighted his dual MVP weekend.

*Marvin Price, (6’4, Team Melo)   Price had a great weekend and continued to solidify his national stock; he easily could have walked away with M.V.P honors, he too was one of the hardest workers in the camp, finished almost everything , and was unstoppable getting to the tin.  His jump shot was falling all weekend long and he did it at all levels as a man amongst boys.  As an added bonus Price showed some serious bounce competing in the camp slam dunk contest were he finished second in a controversial decision.  When the jumper is falling he is one of the toughest covers in the 2019 class.

*Terrance Williams, (6’6, Team Takeover) – Williams as always saves his best performance for the big game; while he was solid all weekend he  lit up the All-Star game, where he may not have missed a single shot going for a double-double in the contest.  He knocked the trey-ball down consistently during the weekend, as well as hitting the mid-range shot, and even threw down a dunk with authority.  Williams as always showed he is an excellent passer whose best attribute as a player may be his patience and IQ.  You are beginning to see the wing skills start to develop and they look true to his nickname “Big Smooth” as he shook a few people on his way to the basket.

*Che Evans, (6’5, Team Melo)  - Knocked the socks off everyone in the gym on day one with his versatility, got to the spots he wanted at will, the jump shot looked vastly improved and scouts say he is a jumper away from being unstoppable.  He is very creative with the ball and showed a strong handle, made the right pass and the right play and made an impact in multiple categories.  He rebounded his position and showed a great motor.  He walked away from the event as clearly one of the top 2020 wings in the country his defensive ability and shot blocking skills were also impressive – a special note was given that the dunk package was also impressive.

*Jason Murphy, (6’8, Team Melo) – Didn’t give up on a single play the entire weekend – plays the game 94-feet and buzzer to buzzer – not a skill that can be taught. Murphy tries to dunk everything and you can see the long term benefit of this mindset in his play.  Dominated both glasses, kept the ball high, and played a true post game playing to his strengths and looked good doing it - he is tough as nails and plays with passion – is an excellent shot blocker and lane filler.  Scored exceptionally well around the basket and you can see future stardom with this kid easily.

*Isaiah Todd, (6’8, Team Silk) – His catch and shoot game looked excellent from all over the floor, showed solid mechanics – needs very little adjustments and simply requires reps to what is already becoming an exceptional strength.  He is now pushing 6’8/6’9 and his versatility is very apparent; a young 13, he can guard any front court position on the floor and made impact on the defensive end and on the boards.  The handle only requires confidence but showed tools and a complete package in the drill sessions.

Tyler Brelsford, (5’8, Team Melo) – Showed great awareness and court vision, knocked down the mid-range pull-up throughout; played the game the right way making the right pass and decision.  Finished well in the paint against size and competed on the defensive end using positional defense to stymie his opponent – made the players around him better and went to the floater when necessary.  Didn’t shoot many threes in game situations but knocked them down during skills and drills showing the shooting prowess he is becoming known for.  

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