Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Search Begins: Area Players Being Considered for the Middle School All-American Game

The DC Metropolitan area has been selected as the site for the inaugural Middle School All-American Game; the MSAG is a middle school All-Star basketball game that will be played annually on Friday August 21, 2015 – location of game will be announced at a later date. The game's rosters will feature the best and most highly recruited middle school boys in their respective classes from throughout the county. 

The game itself is modeled after the world famous McDonalds All-American game and will consist of 22 players at each age group selected from the top 100 list as provided by various scouting services throughout the country.  

 Whereas the roster and invites have yet to be finalized early indications are that multiple players from the DMV are being considered for a spot on the roster.  It is rumored that formal invitations are scheduled to be sent within the next 30 to 45 days.  

The following players from the DMV are currently on the MSAG watch list.  Their performances at camps, year-end events, and their overall body of works will be the final determining factor for selection.

*numbers are for listing purposes only and do not indicate likelihood of selection

Class of 2020

1.      Terrance Williams – Team Takeover
2.      Jordan Toles – Team Melo
3.      Cameron Byers – Team Melo
4.      Hunter Dickerson – Team Takeover
5.      Isaiah Todd – Terror Squad
6.      Che Evans – Team Melo
7.      Corey Barns – Team Melo
8.      Tyler Brelsford – Team Melo
9.      Ishmael Leggett – Team Takeover
10.  Keyshawn Johnson – Slam City
11.  Kyrie Banks – DC Blue Devils
12.  Jeremy Roach – Team Melo
13.  Chuck Harris – 023 Feet
14.  Dimungus Stephens – Havoc City
15.  Justin Lewis – Baltimore Finest
16.  Demon Clowney – Team IZOD
17.  Mike Summner – DC Premier
18.  Montez McNeil – Team Melo
19.  Josiah Hardy – 023 Feet
20.  Austin Allison – Team IZOD
21.  Josiah Freeman – 023 Feet
22.  “Woody” Newton – DC Premier
23.  Malcom Dread – Team Takeover
24.  Isiah Folks – 023 Feet
25.  Will Paige – LBC
26.  Caleb Bowers – Team Melo
27.  Tejon Ford – DC Premier
28.  Cannin Reynolds – Team Takeover
29.  Darius Miles – Havoc City
30.  Treyvon Todd - Playmakers

Class of 2021

1.      Zion Harmon – Team Melo
2.      Jalen Hall – New World
3.      Ryan Conway – Team Melo
4.      Trevor Keels – Team Takeover
5.      Zach Blackwell – Team Silk
6.      Ahmad Harrison – Bmore’s Finest
7.      Jake Koverman – Team Melo
8.      Christian Moore – Bmore’s Finest
9.      Barry Evans – Team Melo
10.  Jalen Miller – Maryland Playmakers
11.  Darius Johnson – Team Takeover
12.  Elijah Hawkins  - New World
13.  Keno Lilly – Team Takeover
14.  William Margarites – Md. Playmakers
15.  Ariel Goddot – New World
16.  Savion Jackson – Annandale Bulldogs
17.  Trey Thomas – Team Takeover
18.  Darius Tilghman – Team Bmore Orange
19.  Julian Reese – Bmore’s Finest
20.  Rayuan Lane – Bmore’s Finest
21.  Demiko Ross – Team Melo
22.  Rodney Rice Jr. – Team Takeover
23.  Jalen Curtis – Havoc City
24.  Brayon Freeman – New World
25.  Trey English – Bmore Elite
26.  Andre Crawley – Bmore’s Finest
27.  Rasheed Dupree – Annandale Bulldogs
28.  Judah Mintz – DMV Elite
29. Sherman Weatherspoon – Team Glory
30. Ramerick Daniels – Maryland Cardinals  

Congratulations candidates throughout the DMV area for being considered for this prestigious honor. 

It is strongly recommended that all players throughout the DMV area who are looking to increase their player profile and both their national and local ranking consider participating in the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; which will be held on Saturday August 22nd & August 23rd in the DMV area. This camp was attended by the top players in the country at every grade level. This is a national camp and event that annually host the top basketball talents in the country, many of which will be showcased in the Friday August 21st Middle School All-Star Game.  Many national registrations have already been received from many of the nations best who will returning to improve and/or maintain their national status.

For more info or to register please visit: Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp


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