Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tyler Brelsford Goes from 0 to 41 Real Quick - In Record Setting PYBL Performance

Tyler Brelsford is an extremely mature and poised lead guard. He has consistently displayed the unique ability to make the players around him better, fit into the team concept, and has to be considered one of the winningest youth players in the DMV – having been a part of multiple national top 10 & top 5 teams.  This lineage cannot be disputed by anyone as these facts have been documented and proven over time.

Tyler’s style of play typically is not focused on individual accolades or high scoring exploits – from an evaluation standpoint he is not a quick study.  His is a game that students of the game and purest find extremely appealing – camps, all-star situations, and unstructured environments previously haven’t been where Brelsford shined at his brightest even when holding his own.

The Premier Youth Basketball League which has been around for three years has built a reputation on providing individual players a platform to showcase their talents.  As Tyler Brelsford stepped onto the stage this past weekend, many assumed they had seen this show before – but this feature presentation was a new release… Tyler Brelsford 2.0.

Brelsford put on a display and showed a whole new aspect to the continuing development of his game; he didn’t ask for respect he stepped on the floor and took it.  

Tyler Brelsford’s stat-line for the day: FGs: 6-11, 3pt FGs: 6-9, FTs: 11-11 Total Points: 41

The performance broke the previous league record held by Brayden Gault who put on a show in the championship game in the PYBLs inaugural season.  Brelsford fresh off his  #2 finish in the NYBL National Championship hasn't been a PYBL one game wonder as he leads the league in scoring at 25.3ppg, 5-points ahead of the next closest player.

One of the most enigmatic forces in all of youth basketball - its time that he be appreciated for the player that he is locally and nationally.  Enjoy the entire 41-point performance below provided courtesy of PYBL TV.

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